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DYSA Officers, Board Members, and Volunteer Committees

To send an individual an email, form the address by replacing " at " with "@" in each row below.

DYSA Officers

         President -- pres@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Christian Peters
         VP of Coastal Youth Soccer -- vpcysl@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Closed
         VP of Mini-Soccer-- vpmini@duxburyyouthsoccer.org --  Mark Henry
         Secretary -- secretary@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Ronnie Koss
         Treasurer -- treasurer@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Michael Campbell

DYSA At-Large Directors (Board Members)

Keith Boudreau

Dan Coperine

Mark Henry

Matt Roberts

Mike Coppens

Mark Manganello


Volunteer Committees

Volunteer Registration and Risk Manager:

          Registrar -- registrar@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Kellie Sullivan


          Director of Finance/Adminstration -- treasurer@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Michael Campbell


Team Equipment -- equipment@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Keith Boudreau
Field Maintenance -- Managed by Duxbury Recreation
Field Scheduling -- schedular@duxburyyouthsoccer.org --
All Things Referee Related -- referee@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Ronnie Koss
Statistician -- stats@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Matt Roberts
Coastal Youth Soccer League (CYSL) Representative -- cysl@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Christian Peters

Soccer Programs/Competitions:

          Minisoccer Age Group Coordinators
Boys Under-6  -- agcu06b at duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- OPEN
Girls Under-6 -- agcu06g at duxburyyouthsoccer.org --  OPEN
InTown Small Sided Age Group Coordinators
Boys Under-8  -- agcu08b at duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- OPEN
Girls Under-8 -- agcu08g at duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- OPEN
Fall/Spring CYSL Travel Program  Age Group Coordinators
Boys Under-10  -- agcu10b at duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- OPEN
Girls Under-10  -- agcu10g at duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- OPEN
Boys Under-12  -- agcu12b at duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- OPEN
Girls Under-12  -- agcu12g at duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- OPEN
Boys & Girls Under-14  -- agcu14b at duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- OPEN
Boys & Girls Under-14  -- agcu14g at duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- OPEN
Boys High School Age (Under 16-19)  -- agchsb at duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- OPEN
Girls High School Age (Under 16-19)  -- agchsg at duxburyyouthsoccer.org --OPEN