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Ashwaubenon Youth Baseball offers league's for players between Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade. Because we partner with the Ashwaubenon Park & Recreation Department we can only accept registrations for players that are residents of Ashwaubenon or school-choice to a school in the Ashwaubenon School District.

League's are run in the spring/summer each year. We do not organize league's in the fall.

Family participation and involvement is essential to providing a positive program so we strongly encourage parent participation.

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League Overviews

Below is a summary of details for each league. See the bylaws for each league for more specific information and rules.

League Grade (Prior To Season) Age (as of Apr 30) Pitch By Laws
T-Ball Pre-K, K 5 - 6 Coach Pitch/Tee T-Ball
Single A 1st, 2nd 7 - 8 Machine Pitch A Ball
Double A 3rd, 4th 9 - 10   AA Ball
Triple A 5th, 6th 11 - 12   AAA Ball
Babe Ruth 7th, 8th, 9th 13 - 15  

Bay Area Pony (13)
Bay Area Babe Ruth  (14/15)

Legion 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th 15 - 18    


T-Ball is an introductory league organized by AYB for players in or coming out of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten (typically ages 5 and 6). Players in T-Ball are introduced to the game and focus on the basic skills of hitting, fielding, and running bases. Coaches pitch to players. A tee will be used after several pitches if needed. Scores are not kept in T-Ball games. Outs may be used during the second half of the season. Soft baseballs are used in this league. League generally runs from mid-May to mid-July.

Single A

Single A is a machine pitch league organized by AYB for players in or coming out of 1st grade or 2nd grade (typically ages 7 and 8). Players in Single A take the basic skills learned in T-Ball and start to learn the game of baseball. Scores and standings are tracked in this league. Slightly softer balls are used in this league. Practices generally start around mid-April depending on weather. League games run from mid-May to mid-July and the season concludes with a double elimination tournament.

Double A

Double A is organized for AYB and is for players in or coming out of 3rd or 4th grade (typically ages 9 and 10). This league is a kid pitch league and introduces base-stealing during the second half of the season. Hard balls are used in this league. Practices generally start around mid-April depending on weather. League games run from mid-May to mid-July and the season concludes with a double elimination tournament.

Triple A

Triple A is organized for AYB and is for players in or coming out of 5th and 6th grade (typically ages 11 and 12). Practices generally start around mid-April depending on weather. League games run from mid-May to mid-July and the season concludes with a double elimination tournament.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth is for players in 7th and 8th grades (typically ages 13-14). Players in this league start to play on larger fields. The formation of teams and the league players play in depends on registration. Depending on registration numbers we may run our own Babe Ruth league, or we may enter team(s) in the Bay Area League and play against other teams in our area. Practice and games times are organized by coaches each year.

JV Legion / Legion

JV Legion and Legion are generally for players in 9th grade and above. The formation of JV Legion and/or Legion teams depend on registration each summer. Legion teams will play other teams from around the area. Practice and game times are scheduled by coaches each year.

Typical LEAGUE TimeS And LocationS

Times and location for each league may change based on registration each summer.

League Nights They Play Time Slots Location
T-Ball Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30 pm or 7:00 pm Ashwaubomay Park (Fields 1-3)
Smith Park
Single A Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30 pm or 7:00 pm Ashwaubomay Park (Fields 1-3)
Double A Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 pm or 7:00 pm Ashwaubomay Park (Fields 1-3)
Triple A Wednesdays 5:30 pm and/or 7:00 pm Ashwaubomay Park (Fields 1-3)
Babe Ruth Usually Monday - Thursday
(avg 2 games per week)
Varies Ed Krcmar Field (Klipstine)
Other community parks
JV Legion
Varies Varies Ashwaubomay Park (Field 4)
Other community parks

League Registration

T-Ball, Single A, Double A, Triple A, and Babe Ruth

League registration typically opens on or around January 1 each year. Registration will be open through January and February. Registration closes on the last day of February. Starting March 1, late registrations are accepted but a $50 late fee is applied. The final day we accept any registrations is typically the day before evaluations, but this is subject to change. Specific dates and deadlines will be posted on the AYB home page each season when they become available and reminder emails will be sent out when registration opens and nears closing.

How To Register: Registration needs to be completed online on this site. Registration links will be available on our home page at when registration is open.

JV Legion / Legion

Registration for JV Legion and Legion usually occurs in the early part of summer after earlier leagure registrations. Registration will be completed on this site. Information about how to register will be sent to parents when registration becomes available.



T-Ball does not have evaluations. Because scores are not kept and teams are randomly created, an evaluation is not necessary.

Single A, Double A, and Triple A

Evaluations for these leagues are organized because coaches will draft players to form teams. Evaluations are used to help coaches draft equal league teams based on players abilities. They are not used to determine eligibility for league play. All players who register for our leagues will be assigned a team. Dates and times may differ for different leagues depending on coach and player availability. Typically we try to organize these during early March so we have time to organize teams and order uniforms.

Babe Ruth / JV Legion / Legion

Babe Ruth, JV Legion and/or Legion evaluations/tryouts will only be held if it is deemed necessary after registration is completed. If a Babe Ruth evaluation/tryout is deemed necessary, it cannot be held until the freshman high school season is complete. A date will be communicated when it is finalized if needed.

2022 Evaluation Information

View information about this years evaluation


Ashwaubenon Youth Baseball will provide jerseys and hats for each league and tournament team player. Parents will need to provide white pants for each player. Rubber or plastic molded baseball cleats are recommended and would also be the responsibility of parents.


Baseballs and catcher's equipment will be provided for each team by Ashwaubenon Youth Baseball. Most players tend to bring their own bats so AYB does not provide bats for each team. However, if you do not have a bat, someone on each team is generally willing to share. If you are planning on purchasing a bat for your child, please see the baseball bat notice below. For hygienic and safety reasons, AYB prefers to have each player provide their own properly fit batting helmet. In case of hardship, we do have a couple helmets we could loan out for a season.

Bat Standards

T-Ball, Single A, and Double A Bat Standards

Ashwaubenon Youth Baseball allows two different kinds of bats in our youth leagues. Player's bats must have a USSSA stamp or a USABat stamp.

Please be aware, there are different restrictions depending on what type of bat you have.

Stamp Restrictions

Bats with the USSSA stamp on it must have a 1.15BPF stamp and have a barrel size NO LARGER than 2 1/4".

USABat Bat's with a USABat stamp can have a 2 1/4" OR a 2 5/8" barrel size.

BAT MATERIAL: No matter what stamp the bat has on it, the bat can be made of any material including aluminum, composite or half and half.


Triple A Bat Standards

Player's bats must have a USSSA stamp or a USABat stamp and have a barrel size NO LARGER than 2 3/4".


BAT MATERIAL: No matter what stamp the bat has on it, the bat can be made of any material including aluminum, composite or half and half.

Babe Ruth Bat Standards

Bat standards for our Babe Ruth players are governed by the Bay Area League, therefore we follow the bat standards as outlined in their bylaws.

To view current bat standards, please select the by laws link for your age group. The Bay Area Pony League is for 13 year olds. The Bay Area Babe Ruth League is for 14 and 15 year olds.

League By Laws Section Age Group
Bay Area Pony League
League website
Pony League By Laws Section: "RULE SIX: Equipment"
Item: "F"
Bay Area Babe Ruth League
League website
Bay Area Babe Ruth League By Laws Section: "RULE SIX: Equipment"
Item: "F"

Volunteer Requirements

Concessions are an important part of the game day experience for fans and players, and also a key revenue generator for AYB. Running the concessions for a summer of leagues and tournaments takes a significant amount of help. As such, in order to provide a fair and quality experience, we ask that parents share in the responsibility.

Concession Deposit

We require each family to fulfill its concession stand obligation of working one shift per league player, and one additional shift per tournament team player (each shift is about two hours long). You will receive an invitation to pick shift(s) via SignUpGenius in April or May.

T-Ball, Single A, Double A, and Triple A:

If you do not sign up for a shift or fail to cover a shift, you will be charged an additional $149 per player the following season for your player to play.

Babe Ruth:

In lieu of the above, a deposit check of $149 is required per player due to the higher dropout rate. This check will be shredded as soon as your family fulfills its concession stand obligation. If you do not sign up for a shift or fail to cover a shift, your check will be cashed. Directions on how to submit this deposit check will be provided during the registration process.

Instructions For Submitting Your Deposit Check

Please do the following:

  • Make the check to: AYB, Inc.
  • Make the amount: $149
  • Include the word "Deposit" and your child's name in the memo area of the check.
  • Please mail or bring the check to:
    • AYB Inc.
      Ashwaubenon Community Center
      900 Anderson Drive
      Ashwaubenon, WI 54304

Code of Conduct

In order to maintain a fun and positive environment for all, coaches, players and parents will read and agree to follow a code of conduct policy during the registration process. Coaches will agree to be role models and promote teamwork in a safe and positive environment designed to encourage and improve skills of each player. Coaches, players and parents will agree to demonstrate self control and embrace the values of good sportsmanship.

The same code of conduct is also posted at Ashwaubomay Park and available online. Any spectator at the baseball park will need to follow this code of conduct. Even though only parents and players will need to sign the code of conduct, we will enforce these policies with anyone in attendance at the park.