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Guidelines for all players and families 
These guidelines are meant to help maintain as safe an environment as possible during sessions. Players and parents/guardians must review and adhere to guidelines in this protocol. These guidelines may be updated at any time. Anyone violating these guidelines will be asked to leave the session. 

Players and Parents

  1. Be mindful at all times of minimizing any interaction with anyone outside your family for over 15 minutes and under six feet, regardless of whether you are wearing a mask
  2. Any player or parent/guardian who has either tested positive for, or knowingly has been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days must not attend any GSC event, game or practice
  3. Anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, including but not limited to a cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, headache, fever, chills, muscle or body aches and/or sore throat must not come to the rink. See CDC guidelines for COVID-19 symptoms
  4. Anyone waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test due to exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 should not come to the rink
  5. Make sure to leave the rink as quickly as possible after a practice or game - use skate guards to walk out immediately or only take your skates off before leaving the rink


  1. Players should wear a mask at all times prior to putting on your helmet before taking the ice.  After the game or practice, players should wear a mask immediately after removing helmet.
  2. Players bring your own water bottle, clearly labeled with the player’s name
  3. If you dress outside, do not congregate as a team, dress in or near your car or come to the rink dressed
  4. If you are tying your skates in approved areas, stay at least 6 feet away from other players and minimize time spent finishing getting dressed to no more than 10 minutes
  5. There is no sharing of equipment between players (neck guards, etc)
  6. If you are a sibling of a player on an affected team, you are not allowed to attend in-person team events
  7. If you are mandated by your school or the department of health to quarantine, you are not allowed to participate in in-person team events


  1. Parents should wear a mask when inside any rink and remain at least 6 feet from another spectator
  2. Parents should avoid congregating in rink restaurants or other venues inside or outside rinks before, during, or after games


  1. Make sure players are not huddled in corners or waiting in line next to each other for extended periods
  2. Focus on station-based skills and flow drills to keep movement and intensity up in practices
  3. Utilize zoom to teach players strategy and other coachable moments to minimize in-person talk-time with players and coaches 
  4. If you want to hold a pre-game talk, please have a 10-minute chalk-talk outside with players standing six feet away and wearing masks 20 minutes before game time (leaving 10 minutes to getting skates on, if not already tied)
  5. Players should be six feet away during water breaks
  6. Players should try to spread out on benches during games as much as possible

 Notify Brent Brower at bbrower@greenwichskatingclub.org  at GSC If You:

  1. If a player or anyone in your family tested positive for COVID-19 or if you are in the process of waiting for a test because you have felt unwell
  2. Are quarantining at home due to exposure to a COVID-19 positive person or are remote learning at the directive of your school or the department of health
  3. Would like to provide the Club with any negative test results as we will continue to monitor and track the health of our teams 



Important Resources: 
• USA Hockey COVID-19 player safety: https://www.usahockey.com/playersafety 
• USA Hockey – Hockey Is Back: https://www.usahockey.com/welcomebackweek
• USA Hockey Return to the Rink: https://cdn4.sportngin.com/attachments/document/d8b1-2158869/Returning_to_the_RInks_05-05-2020_1_.pdf#_ga=2.57482217.2130062519.1599223517-1719985286.1599223517
Updated September 2021