The Rochester Junior Americans are committed to providing consistent and constructive player development while emphasizing the fun of playing the game.

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How do I order Jr. Amerks uniforms and apparel?

Go to the website and select the Rochester Junior Americans web store. From there you will be able to make your selections, add your sizes, customize your products, and pay for your order. All orders must be placed by Tuesday, June 30.


Will there be a team fitting this year?

No. Unfortunately, the RIC Pro Shop is unable to hold team fittings due to restrictions around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Size charts will be provided in the web store for reference. Please note: no refunds or exchanges will be allowed. When in doubt, we recommend ordering a larger size. 


How can I be sure I’m ordering the right size jersey for my player?

The game jerseys are manufactured by Athletic Knit (AK), the same company the organization has used for years. The jerseys are the same cut as the Blades or Monarchs jersey you may own. To size a jersey, try on your existing jersey with shoulder pads and adjust accordingly. When in doubt, order a larger size.


There are multiple Jr. Amerks players in my family. Can I order all items at one time?

No. The RIC Pro Shop web store requires individual orders for each player.


What do I need to purchase?

This year, uniform and apparel packages are provided for each level of play for 9U-18U teams (i.e., House, AA, or AAA). Choose the package that correlates with your player’s team. You may also purchase additional items at discounted pricing via the web store. 8U players have different uniform and apparel packages.


Are helmets and gloves included in the apparel packages?

No. Helmets and gloves are available separately at a discounted rate via the web store if you purchase them at the same time as the package. You may also purchase these items from other retailers or brands as long as the color scheme matches, however we highly recommend purchasing when you purchase your package as the prices are less than you will find online or at other retailers. All travel players are required to wear royal blue helmets and red, white and blue gloves as part of their uniform. 


Are royal blue helmets and red, white and blue gloves required?

Royal blue helmets and red, white and blue gloves are required for travel players only. 


How much do the packages cost?

Pricing for each package is provided in the web store and is based upon the level for which your player is registered. The Jr. Amerks and RIC Pro Shop worked together to provide discounted packages for all players this season. The packages were developed to meet the needs of the players both on and off the ice, while keeping cost in mind. 


We understand that in rebranding our organization this year, families must bear the burden of purchasing entirely new uniforms. To help offset the cost, the Jr. Amerks will contribute $100 toward each player’s purchase. To qualify, your player must have been registered with Perinton Youth Hockey  on a 9U-18U house or travel team during the 2019-2020 season.


How do I take advantage of the $100 credit?

If your player was registered with Perinton Youth Hockey during the 2019-2020 season as a 9U-18U house or travel player, you will receive a discount code and further instructions from the Jr. Amerks via email. No action is needed on your part. You will receive an individual discount code for each player in your family.


How do 8U players order uniforms and apparel? 

No purchase is required for 8U families at this time. However, 8U families may take advantage of the discounted pricing offered in the web store to purchase Jr. Amerks equipment and apparel via the 8U options package.


Why do house players only have one game jersey this season?

In order to keep down the cost of uniforms and apparel in our house program, players only need to purchase a blue Jr. Amerks game jersey this year. Players will also purchase a white practice jersey that includes a number. This practice jersey will serve as an alternate game jersey if needed. Teams may also choose to add player names to the practice jerseys for an additional cost.


How do house players choose jersey numbers?

All house jersey orders will be placed without numbers. Once house teams are formed, numbers will be determined and jerseys will be personalized. 


Do house players have to order new helmets, gloves and pants/shells?

No. There is no requirement for house players to purchase new helmets, gloves or pants/shells to match our new uniforms. However, no other team logo may be displayed on player equipment other than the Rochester Jr. Americans logo.


When is payment due?

Payment in full is expected at the time the order is placed. 


Are refunds or exchanges available? 

No. Due to the custom nature of the equipment and apparel, all purchases are final and non-refundable. 


Are refunds available if there is no hockey season?

No. Purchases are final and non-refundable. The Jr. Amerks have a Swap Shop Exchange available at for families who choose to sell or trade their equipment in the event the season is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Can I delay purchasing apparel until we know more about the pending season?

We don’t recommend waiting to purchase apparel. Discounted pricing is only available through the web store during this time. If you delay your order or miss the June 30 deadline, there is no guarantee your items will arrive in time for the season to begin.


When will I receive my order?

We expect apparel packages to arrive in August before games begin. Team managers will be notified when orders arrive and will distribute them to the team.


Who can I contact with additional questions?

Please contact your team manager with questions regarding uniforms and apparel. You can also contact us directly at