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Overall Understanding of the Club: 
The Dunkirk Warriors Boys and Girls club is operated with 100% volunteers. The Board of Directors, Coaches, Committee members, team moms, etc…. put in more time and effort for the kids than most people could ever imagine. We do our best to ensure all of these volunteers have the kid’s best interest at heart and they all try to do the best that they can. This clubs does its best to run the most fair, fun and friendly organization we can.   The club is very open to receiving constructive criticism as long as it is presented in the right tone and manner and for the right reasons. No one is perfect and we recognize the club can always improve. We have monthly Board meetings that are open to all members of the club, we encourage your involvement .  The Meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at the Northeast Community Center.  Just keep in mind that a lot of thought and effort goes into every decision made and you will never have 100% of the people agree on a decision or an issue. Please keep these things in mind when making criticisms/suggestions.
The Dunkirk Warriors Boys and Girls club does it’s best to ensure that we not only have enough coaches for all of our teams but that we have coaches who work hard to teach the kids, provide a fun/safe environment and always have “all” the kids best interest at heart. Please note that our coaches are “volunteers” and not every coach may know the game as well as others, some may deal with kids a little different, but as long as they are teaching the kids and treating the kids well they are doing their job. Winning is great and we strive to have the kids doe their best, but it is not the number one goal with a Boys and Girls club.  Play time for kids is decided by the Board at the Calvert or Anne Arundel Parks and Recreation level and all coaches must follow this. Most of our coaches try to provide even more than what Parks and Recreation requires. Our coaches put in many, many hours of their time to work with the kids, and we just ask that before you decide to complain about a coach, really think over what they have done or not done. Also remember that they are coaching many children not just yours. All this in mind however, we do understand that there will be times when a coach may do something that is not in the best interest of the kids and with that the club does have a review board in place to assist in handling these matters. If you have an incident, please  talk to your coach before bringing something to the board. We have seen many times where this step alone will resolve a situation. 
Parents Responsibility: 
As a parent you pay your dues as do the Coaches, Board members and everyone else running the club. However, you still have a responsibility to ensure your behavior is appropriate as well as your child’s. If you are not happy with somehthing, you have a responsibility to work with your coaches.  Please remember the coaches are not babysitters, so please don’t treat them as such.  As parents you will sign a Parent Code of Conduct prior to each sports season. You are expected to follow these rules and when in violation, the club will use the review board to help resolve matters when necessary. 
Yes, most of the officials we deal with do get paid, but we must always remember that they really are doing the best they can. Remember that finding officials is not an easy thing to do. They try and get the best officials they can, but to be honest it is not the most desirable job. Some crews are great, some are very bad. You don’t have any control over that. Keep that in mind when you decide to yell at them and before you get too upset. Experience shows that getting upset with officials usually causes more problems than it resolves.  No official will get every call 100% correct, and neither will you, many calls are based on judgment and remember the official much like the coach doesn’t get a chance to “redo” his call/decision after he has made it. It’s easy to second guess someone. Most of all, always remember that our kids are participating in a “GAME”, winning or losing the game is not a life or death situation.  
This is a NONPROFIT Organization and we try to limit the burden of fundraising as much as possible. Any team fundraising in the club’s name needs to be approved by the Board for many reasons, one being, to limit the monetary burden on families.  This is not to say that the club will not have various fund raising activities throughout the year, but we do try and limit the burden on the parents as much as possible. As a NonProfit, our only means of income are registration and fundraising, in order to sustain safe and quality equipment for the children we need fundraising.