Lake Washington Lacrosse of Kirkland Washington. #GOKANGS #LWLAX



What Lacrosse equipment is provided by Lake Washington Lacrosse?

The club provides game uniforms (jersey and shorts). Practice pennies and shorts.

HS Players are accountable and responsible to return all HS uniform parts at the end of the season that has been signed out to them.  The replacement cost for any missing items will be charged to the player and family.  The average cost of equipment issued to each player is $350.


What equipment should players provide?

Players must provide all lacrosse specific protective gear,

  • helmet (White shell and Purple chin),
  • shoulder pads, elbow pads,
  • lacrosse gloves (in LW dominate colors)
  • cleats,
  • mouth guards (cannot be clear or white),
  • and an athletic cup.  It is recommended that players purchase two mouth guards.


If a player wants to wear a long sleeve undershirt, does it have to be a particular color?

Yes, all garments for practice or games worn under uniforms should be of LW dominate colors, Purple, White, Black or Grey. During the first few weeks of practice, all players must wear sweat tops and pants.


Game Day: All HS players must dress up to school

  • Slacks ( Not Khaki's) and Belt
  • Button down Shirt and Tie
  • Shoes ( Not Sneakers/ vans etc...)


How Do we get Loaner Gear?

Contact your Team Parent or Then we can set up a time to meet and get your player outfitted. Loaner gear is on a first come first serve basis. We look to outfit first year players first.

Go Kangs!