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Lacrosse Program Overview Calander


Kang Lacrosse is comprised of several separate but related offering that are intended to provide student athletes with year-round playing opportunities, training and team building activities.

The Lake Washington Lacrosse Club aims to run in parallel with Lake Washington School District. The LWSD divides the year into Winter Sports, Spring Sports, Summer Athletics and Fall Sports. Lacrosse is considered a Spring Sport. The governing body of High School lacrosse in Washington state is the WHSBLA. At the Youth Level, LW participates in the Greater Eastside Lacrosse League (GELL).


     Spring Season (this is the formal season)- Runs Late Feb (Presidents Day) – Beginning of June (Memorial Day typically). The high school level, start coincides with WIAA High School Sports. HS games are typically twice a week and culminate with Playoffs and a State Championship. Youth Games are Saturdays, 7/8th grade has a playoff and GELL Championship. At the 5/6’s and 3/4’s levels players are nominated to participate in a "Honor the Game" event. Both youth events are held in conjunction with/on the HS championship weekend.  Registration for Spring opens in October.

In Addistion atthe HS Level

  • HS "Retreat" - A 2-day overnight trip where players and coaches can get to know eachother, work on group forming skills and team norms.
  • HS "Team Trip" - This is an overnight travel and play experience, in which Non-League games against unfamiliar opponents will be schedule. The team will travel together, room together and have meals together.


       June Season - Runs Memorial Day through June. This season gives HS players and coaches a chance to get a glimpse into the future HS team.  For players a chance to experiment with different positions and move into leadership positions in Kang Lacrosse. At the youth level, this is the culmination of a season’s worth of hard work. The June season includes team tournaments (WA Cup, and /or Summer Solstice or other, based on schedule and availability). Registration for "June Team"opens in April. 


       Fall Ball – All levels. Held on Sundays in September and October, as to not conflict with traditional fall sports. These  Sundays alternate between practices/ games, is used to help the team build skills and connections.  The team will participate in the I-90 Indoor Lacrosse League. Playing Indoor to maximize touches on the ball and work on crossover skills that are beneficial to player growth. Fall Ball will include, a tournament style field lacrosse playdate in late October/early November, “WA Love” which donates proceeds to local charities and/or lacrosse families struck by tragedy. Registration for Fall Ball open in August.


       November HS Open Period - Runs first weekend in November to first weekend in December. This season gives HS players and coaches a chance to work on individual skill development, and for freshmen to learn about the speed of HS Lacrosse. The season concludes with a team tournament (Space Needle Shootout), the first weekend in December. 


       Winter Strength and Conditioning - Team building, cardio, weight training and physical fitness. Meets typically 2 days a week: one day on the field in Stadium/ one day in the HS gym.  The team will work 2 days a week, in conjunction, with the football team in the weight room. 

To participate in any of these activities, student athletes must be registered, and maintain a current US Lacrosse membership.