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Team  Name Age Group Birth Year Coaching Staff More Information
House 8u Red 8u


Red - Aaron Coleman

Red - Tim Finke

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AAA 9u 9u 2011

Head Coach: Jeff Topor

Assistant: Dave Insalaco 

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AA 9u 9u 2011 Jon Obstarczyk Click Here
AAA 10u 10u 2010 Nathan Paetsch and Francois Methot Click Here
AA 10u 10u 2010 Mike Napieralski Click Here
House 10u Red 10u 2011 & 2010 Accepting Applications Check Back
AAA 11u 11u 2009 Shawn Wilkins Click Here
AA 11u 11u 2009 Craig Abbott Click Here
AAA 12u TB 12u 2008

Mike Dossier

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AA 12u 12u 2008 Tim Finke Click Here
AAA 12u Girls 12u 2009 & 2008 Stephen Gionta Click Here
House 12u Red 12u 2009 & 2008 Steve Shufelt Check Back
AAA 13u 13u 2007

Head Coach: Matt Murley

Assistant Coaches: Tim Connolly, Clarke MacArthur, Jimmy Lorentz

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AA 13u 13u 2007

Team 1 - Jason MacBride

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Team 2 - Anthony Rizzi
AAA 14u TB 14u 2006 Joe Dugan Click Here
AA 14u 14u 2006

Team 1 - TBD

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Team 2 - Matthew Mang
AAA 15u TB 15u 2005 Shane Madolora Click Here
AA 15u 15u 2005 Head Coach: Jaeson Rene
Assistant Coach: Eric Birkemeier
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AAA 16u TB 16u 2004 Dave Maksymiu Click Here
AA 16u 16u



2004 - Mike Militello Check Back
2004 & 2005 - Lou DiMartino
AAA 17u TB 17u 2003 Francois Methot Click Here
AA 18u 18u 2002 & 2003 TBD Check Back


* House team coaches will be determined after evaluations.