"Where the trails of passion and purpoe meet, begins the path to victory"


Connecticut Rush is a Premier Soccer Club located in Connecticut. Currently, it has 8 branches and is part of Rush Soccer, the LARGEST PREMIER CLUB in America. 

CT Rush emphasis is to develop each player to their fullest potential as players and citizens. We seek soccer athletes from the premier to the elite level by offering a year-round premier training program with excellent facilities and top licensed coaches. The club model CT Rush has built is soley linked to achieve the fullest potential of each player at a premier or elite level. 

CT Rush offers state level premier teams through our branch network and a regional elite program that competes at the regional/national level. We operate out of 8 local branches (see map below).  All these branches offer developmental programs (U8-11), full time premier programs (U12-14) and high school programs (U15-18) that start in December. These teams train locally and compete in a local premier league and tournaments throughout CT. This program is geared for the competive player who wants to compete at a local premier level in CT. 

CT Rush also offer an elite level program (CT Rush Elite). This program competes in the EDP National League as well as competing in Regional/National tournaments/showcases throughout the region/country. This program runs from U11-18.