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CSA Summer Tournament Ball: Dates and Info 


Dear CSA Families: 


Every year, CSA forms summertime PONY All-Star Teams in the Shetland, Pinto, Mustang and Bronco divisions. While you're making your vacation plans or otherwise looking ahead to the summer, we wanted to make you aware of some important info and dates: 




April 2020: Formal tryouts will be held for our summer all-star teams. Locations/times to be announced. 


Memorial Day Weekend 2020: The past few years, most of our league's PONY All-Star Teams have competed in the weekend-long Memorial Day tournament held in Duarte. If your child is interested in playing summer ball, please consider blocking off this weekend on your calendar. 


June- July 2020: Our PONY All-Star Teams vye for berths in the PONY World Series via the annual PONY Tournament. The 2020 tournament dates may be found here on the PONY Website. Please keep these dates in mind if your family is interested in participating in our summer-team program. 




  • All CSA players are eligible to attend tryouts, and compete for spots. Ideally, the league will form single-age teams in each division, a la a 7-year-old Pinto team, an 8-year-old Pinto team, a 9-year-old Mustang team, and so on. Each team can roster a maximum of 15 players; most teams will shoot for 11-12 players. 


  • Children must play their league age -- i.e., a 8-year-old who is playing "up" in Mustang in the spring will be asked to vye for a spot on the Pinto-8 summer team. This applies to all children, across all divisions. 


  • At PONY, teams compete as far as they can go. In recent years, CSA has had multiple teams advance to the Super Region round. Please note, some PONY games may be played on mid-week afternoons in the San Gabriel Valley.   


  • In the past, most CSA summer teams have chosen to end their seasons with PONY. Schedules, however, are up to the individual teams. Your team may choose to play more tournaments even after being eliminated from PONY. Your team may also opt to play in tournaments prior to PONY.


  • Costs for summer teams vary, depending on how many tournaments a team plays, and uniform packages. Finances are managed by a team's coaches or other parent-volunteers. In typical summers, All-Star families will pay $200-$300 up front in team fees (for uniforms, tournament fees, umpire costs for umpired scrimmages, balls, etc.). 


  • The league can field multiple teams in age divisions, if there's enough interest from families -- and from volunteer coaches. If you're interested in coaching in the summer, please contact the commissioner for your child's division. 


As you look ahead to the summer, we hope you'll keep the CSA summer teams in mind. The competition's a lot of fun, as is the camaraderie. 


And please stay tuned for more info regarding the launch of our exciting ... Cooperstown team program!