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Picture Time Location Game Time Location Team Opponent
8:00 AM RBS 8:30 AM MIS 5th/6th Grade Boys>LAER Beauchemin (Kidd) 5th/6th Grade Boys>Bedford Friends of Rec (Parshay)
8:15 AM RBS 9:00 AM MEM 1st/2nd Grade Girls>Inspire Realty Group KW (Reese) 1st/2nd Grade Girls>Dental Arts of Bedf (Skouteris)
8:30 AM RBS 9:00 AM PWS 3rd/4th Grade Girls>LAER Beauchemin (Cleland) 3rd/4th Grade Girls>All State Looney (Chopra)
8:45 AM RBS 9:30 AM MIS 5th/6th Grade Boys>Cohen Investment Adv (Sargent) 5th/6th Grade Boys>Tenn and Tenn, P.A. (Filteau)
  RBS 9:30 AM RAL 7th/8th Grade Girls>LAER Beauchemin (Krueger) 7th/8th Grade Girls>Dental Arts of Salem (Ciruso)
9:00 AM RBS 10:00 AM MEM 1st/2nd Grade Girls>Source1AV (Durrell) 1st/2nd Grade Girls>Celine Belanger CB (Landies)
9:15 AM RBS 10:00 AM PWS 3rd/4th Grade Girls>The Medical Eye Center (Hersay) 3rd/4th Grade Girls>Bedford Friends of Rec (Basbas)
9:30 AM RBS 10:30 AM MIS 5th/6th Grade Boys>Bedford Motion (Lewis) 5th/6th Grade Boys>MEGA-X (Atchinson)
  RBS 10:30 AM RAL 7th/8th Grade Girls>MEGA-X (Doughty) 7th/8th Grade Girls>Hannaford (Tynan)
9:45 AM RBS 11:00 AM MEM 1st/2nd Grade Girls>TFMoran, Inc. (Brooks) 1st/2nd Grade Girls>LAER Beauchemin (Hyatt)
10:00 AM RBS 11:00 AM PWS 3rd/4th Grade Girls>Northeast Planning Assoc (Hiers) 3rd/4th Grade Girls>Elliott Orthodontics (Small)
10:15 AM RBS 11:30 AM MIS 5th/6th Grade Boys>Chhom Group (Connolly) 5th/6th Grade Boys>JKM Painting, LLC (Topf)
  RBS 11:30 AM RAL 7th/8th Grade Boys>ACC Conference>Image Contracting (Konieczny) 7th/8th Grade Boys>BEC Conference>Dovetail Dental Assoc (Plage)
10:45 AM RBS 12:00 PM MEM 1st/2nd Grade Boys>Chick-fil-A (Hersey) 1st/2nd Grade Boys>Flight Coffee (McGhee)
11:00 AM RBS 12:00 PM PWS 3rd/4th Grade Boys>Meconi Financial (Chmielecki) 3rd/4th Grade Boys>AVG Funds (Masse)
11:15 AM RBS 12:30 PM MIS 5th/6th Grade Girls>LAER Beauchemin (Lachance) 5th/6th Grade Girls>Elevate Health Studio (Laird)
  RBS 12:30 PM RAL 7th/8th Grade Boys>ACC Conference>Granite State Podiatry (Sorvillo 7th/8th Grade Boys>BEC Conference>Bay Street Fmly Dent (Thompson)
11:45 AM RBS 1:00 PM MEM 1st/2nd Grade Boys>Vet Emergency Center (Gaudreau) 1st/2nd Grade Boys>Bedford Friends of Rec (Breault)
12:00 PM RBS 1:00 PM PWS 3rd/4th Grade Boys>Concord Orthodontics (Stuart) 3rd/4th Grade Boys>LaCoupe Barbershop (McGhee)
12:15 PM RBS 1:30 PM RAL 7th/8th Grade Boys>ACC Conference>NAMTEK (Labrie) 7th/8th Grade Boys>BEC Conference>Mountain View Prov (Woloski)
12:30 PM RBS 1:30 PM MIS 5th/6th Grade Girls>Bernstein & Mello (Wallat) 5th/6th Grade Girls>Carlsen Systems (Krueger)
1:00 PM RBS 2:00 PM MEM 1st/2nd Grade Boys>Rise Private Wealth Mgmt (Watts) 1st/2nd Grade Boys>Cohen Investment Adv (Lees)
1:15 PM RBS 2:00 PM PWS 3rd/4th Grade Boys>Granite State Cabinetry (Wilson) 3rd/4th Grade Boys>Fleuresh Restorative Th (Demers)
1:30 PM RBS 2:30 PM RAL 7th/8th Grade Boys>ACC Conference>LAER Beauchemin (O'Donnell) 7th/8th Grade Boys>BEC Conference>Universal Windows Direct (Dodge)
1:45 PM RBS 2:30 PM MIS 5th/6th Grade Girls>Bedford Home Consig (Cheetham) 5th/6th Grade Girls>Coldwell Bk Lisa Wilkens (Small)
2:00 PM RBS 3:00 PM MEM 1st/2nd Grade Boys>Puritan Backroom (Hoellrich) 1st/2nd Grade Boys>O'Donnell Insurance (Brooks)
2:15 PM RBS 3:00 PM PWS 3rd/4th Grade Boys>NH Eye Associates (Calden) 3rd/4th Grade Boys>Silvia Homes, LLC (Lafferty)
2:45 PM RBS 3:30 PM RAL 7th/8th Grade Boys>ACC Conference>Pare Travel Group (Kelly) 7th/8th Grade Boys>BEC Conference>Mavericks (Jung)
3:00 PM RBS 4:00 PM MEM 1st/2nd Grade Boys>NH Eye Assoc (Kreuger) 1st/2nd Grade Boys>LAER Beauchemin (Kierce)
3:15 PM RBS 4:00 PM PWS 3rd/4th Grade Boys>Borofsky etc. (Maye) 3rd/4th Grade Boys>LAER Beauchemin (Parker)