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Description of Classes


Participants in Opti classes must own or rent an Opimist pram.  All Opti classes meet 3 times a week for 3 hours at a time.

All sailors must pass a swim test on the first day of class.

OPTI 1: An Optimist Pram class for beginner sailors, ages 8 and up. In this class sailors learn the basics of boat set up and take down, steering and points of sail as well as develop the confidence to sail single-handedly.  Sailors will also learn sailing safety. 
OPTI 2: Optimist Pram class-for all sailors who have had two or three sessions of OPTI 1 and/or have graduated to this level as determined by the instructors. Sailors in this class will learn tacking and jibing as well as master points of sail. (Generally ages 9-10)
OPTI 3: Optimist Pram class for all sailors who have had two or three sessions of OPTI 2 and/or have graduated to this level as determined by the instructors.  Sailors in this class will be introduced to maintaining and controlling boat speed as well as master sail position. (Generally ages 10-11)


OPTI 4: Optimist pram class for all sailors who have had two or three sessions of OPTI 3 and/or have graduated to this level as determined by the instructors.  Sailors in this class will learn basic racing skills and rules. (Generally ages 11-12)

Racing Programs
Opti Race Team
This class is designed to teach all elements of Optimist Racing. Start techniques, racing tactics, wind conditions and roll tacking are just some of the skills that are learned. Sailors will participate in several regattas during the season. Some of these may include the Hyannis Regatta, West Dennis and the Wianno Regatta. (Generally ages 12-13)


Cotuit Race (race and recreational):
This is a class is designed for kids who have some sailing experience and are interested in further developing their sailing skills, both as racers and as recreational sailors.  The class will include sailors who want to move on to 420 Race and sail more competitively, but it will also accommodate people who are more interested in recreational sailing.  Participants will gain experience in a variety of boats including 420s, and it is our plan for the class to spend a significant amount of time in Cotuit Skiffs. 

420 Racing Team:
Team Members learn the technical aspects of sailing 420s. They learn how to fly a spinnaker effectively and to use a trapeze. They will learn how to prepare for a regatta, understanding lifts and headers, starting strategies, and team racing.  They will travel to other clubs to compete, as well as hosting home events. Team members compete in fleet and team racing events. 420 Race meets four times per week.  (Generally ages 14 and up)

Requirements:  The race team members are required to have prior racing experience and be deemed capable by the head instructor. Parents of 420 race team members are responsible for transporting racers and will assist the coach in trailering and transporting boats to races and regattas.

Placement of sailors in different levels is at the discretion of the Head Sailing Instructor.

Other Programs

Skiff Workshop & Opti Race Series

The Skiff Workshop offers educational instruction for those who seek to familiarize themselves with Cotuit Skiffs.  Sailors who attend the workshop are encouraged to participate in the Skiff Junior Series which takes place immediately following the workshop.

The Opti Series is a weekly opportunity for sailors in Opti 2 and above to race within the CMYC program.  This race series will be held once a week and is designed to offer an informal introduction to Opti racing for those who are interested.

These programs are offered free of charge and are open to anyone interested as a way to educate our CMYC sailors and allow younger sailors more opportunities to race as a community.