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Dukes Helping Hands

Protecting those who Protect us
We are still collecting donations and will be purchasing items for front line workers as they request shortages and needs.
Please continue to donate! Every dollar counts!



Healthcare workers are working tirelessly protecting and caring for those in need. Their hands are beginning to chap and bleed due to the continuous washing/sanitizing that they have to do throughout their work day. We can't do much, but we can help by providing them with the means to be as comfortable as possible. 

Please help us by making a donation. The DUKES will use 100% of the donations to purchase healing lotions for healthcare workers in hospitals that serve our area(s).  Any amount would be greatly appreciated.


Sharing  also helps support our cause... and use the hashtag #DukesHelpingHands


The Dukes Board will facilitate ordering, receiving and delivering all lotion items.

If anyone is interested in volunteering to assist the board, please reach out to
Jenn G