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Our teams train twice weekly and compete in tournaments in the Pacific Northwest. Kraken teams will participate in the Western Boys Power League as well as additional local tournaments. Many of our teams also travel and compete in additional tournaments outside of the Puget Sound .

Kraken's Gyms

We are fortuntate to have our own training and competitition facilities. The Lair Courts in Renton, and opening in December, the Auburn Fieldhouse. We know where and when our teams will be practicing for the entire season, and we host many of the power league dates and tournaments that our teams compete in. For complete information on each of our facilities, please click on the links below. 


Open House

Kraken will host a couple of open houses leading up to our club team tryotus. All age group families are welcome to attend and check out our club. We will have many of our coaches in attendance, with a focus on the younger age group teams at the first open house. We will also have free open gym during this time for the athletes to get some play in.

Team Practices For All Boys Teams

Our teams will practice twice weekly at The Lair Courts. Days and times of practices will be set before tryouts. We plan to have 3 boys teams, 1 each in U18, U16 and U14. We are excited to get started with the boys teams and build a great boys arm of our club. Practices for all boys teams will begin the week of December 3rd.

Team Competition Schedules

Kraken boys teams will compete on average in 1-2 tournaments per month. Our teams will compete in select Puget Sound Region / Columbia Empire Boys Tour & Western Boys Power League events. Teams can elect to play in additional tournaments in and out of the Puget Sound area, including out of state tournaments. 


Club Team Tuition Info

Details regarding our 2020 Season Tuition Costs and Payment Schedules are included in this chart. Signing and Uniform Payments are due upon offer acceptance along with the completed PSR Letter of Commitment. 

Tuition Includes

  • Twice weekly practices 
  • Optional Skills Training
  • 1-2 tournaments per month on average
  • Head & Assistant Coach & Staff Stipends
  • Coaching Education
  • Training Technology Equipment
  • Facility, Equipment Costs & Insurance
  • Tournament Entry Fees (Regular Season)
  • Kraken Recruiting Seminar

Tuition Does Not Include

  • Athlete's USA Volleyball Membership
  • Athlete's Uniform Package
  • Athlete's Travel Costs
  • Additional tournaments costs elected by team
  • Training Costs for Post Season
  • Player's Equipment
  • Extra Kraken Gear: Kraken Socks, hoodies, sweatpants etc.
  • Player Recruiting Video Services

Team Elected Tournaments & Travel

Teams may elect to attend additional destination competitions outside of the Pacific Northwest. Quoted costs are for those tournaments and cover team entry fees, coaches and chaperone airfare, coaches food stipends, coaches accommodations and coach ground transportation. Costs are based on 12 athletes and a sliding scale. Athlete's travel, accommodations and meal expenses are not included. Travel Payment payment plans will be setup for each tournament. Please see our Travel Page for complete details on travel policies.

Tryout Dates & Times

Please visit our Tryouts page for complete information. We are hosting all of our tryouts at The Lair Courts as the Auburn Fieldhouse is not yet open. 


Kraken VC makes every effort to keep the costs of our programs low through various fundraising efforts. Club Fundraisers help offset our operating costs, and we expect participation from all of our families. We have many individual fundraisers offered with results applied directly to athlete accounts. These funds can be used towards monthly dues, travel expenses and Krakan Gear. Kraken does not offer financial aid or scholarships, but we do offer many individual fundraising programs that help offset the costs of club. It is up to the athlete and family on the individual participation level of these fundraising programs. We have had several athletes pay their entire season tuition and travel costs with these programs.

Examples of Club and Individual Fundraisers are:

  • Kraken serve-a-thon  & pass-a-thon
  • Brown Bear Car Wash Ticket Sales
  • Krispy Kreme Donut Sales
  • Kraken VC Apparel Fundraiser
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser
  • Hosted adult & junior volleyball tournaments
  • Facilities shifts during hosted tournaments 

Visit the Fundraising section for more information of things in the works.