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The Lair Courts Boys League will begin in early November and continue through December 21. League games will be played on Saturday evenings between the hours of 6:00-10:00PM. Kraken coached teams will have 1 night per week of practice, skills drills and games during the Saturday evening league. We plan on having boys teams for U14/U12, and U18/U16 age groups. This league will provide 6 weeks of training and game time experience ranging in skill level from basic to intermediate. Saturday evening league play is open to all existing Puget Sound Region club teams. See below for Entry Fee.


$50 / Player Individuals Program - Kraken Coached Teams (Includes 1 night / week of practices)

$250 / Team for non-Kraken Puget Sound Region Boys Teams (Saturday evening league games)

League Play

Saturday Evenings | 6:30-9:30PM


The Lair Courts Saturday Evenings | 6:30-9:30PM

Practices (Kraken Coached Teams)

Wednesday Evenings | 2 hours between 6:30-9:30PM


PSR Club Teams (non-Kraken Teams)

Individuals / Players for weekly practices & league