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Please read Carefully. Will not be allowed on the ice, if this implies to you, till completed 

All Coaches must complete SafeSport training. Players that are 18 & over or turning 18 during season with a minor on their team must complete Safesport Training. Any volunteer that is around minors must complete Safesport Training. Must be completed every year as of 4/1/2020. Core SafeSport training, then refresher cousre following years. 

Coaches, Players (18 & over with minors on team), and Volunteers on the ice that took safesport need Background Checks as well. Background screening/check done for 2019-20 season are still good for 2020-21 season. Backgroud screenings will be vlaid for two seasons. 

Need a USA Hockey confirmation number to sign-up for SafeSport. Coaches and Players use your 2020-21 USA Hockey number. Volunteers should sign up as volunteer. Signing up as a volunteer is free.

Coaches please send SafeSport Training certification confirmation to Jeff Cutler at cutler29@gmail.com. Players, Volunteers please send your coach/team manager your SafeSport Training certification confirmation.

Information on SafeSport Program: https://www.usahockey.com/safesportprogram

to SafeSport: https://www.safesport.org/authentication/signin

Register for SafeSport Training: https://www.usahockey.com/trainingregistration

Info: https://www.usahockey.com/safesporttraining

Their is a waiver for safesport training if your disability prevents you from being able to complete it, understand it, or think its not appropriate for him/her to take. For Waiver: click here

*A coach must be present in locker room at all times, if their is a minor in the locker room.* Parents/relatives/individuals that help dress players don't need to do the safesport training or screening. Please wait till a coach arrives


Background Check/Screening
Coaches, Players (18 & over with minors on team), and Volunteers on the ice that took safesport need Background Checks as well

Background check/screening: https://www.usahockey.com/backgroundscreen

Need a USA Hockey confirmation number to sign-up for SafeSport and Screening. Not a coach or player, sign up as volunteer.

Register for USA Hockey here: https://www.usahockeyregistration.com/login_input.action

Our organization is under WNY Physically Challenged Youth Sled for Association name