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Sailing Program Guidelines
There are a few guidelines and important procedures that we would like each student and parent to review carefully to help insure that the program runs smoothly from your perspective and from ours.
1. All students should arrive 15 minutes before class time to set up their boat.
2. All students must have Coast Guard approved life jackets, and must wear them at all times during their lessons.
3. Students should dress appropriately for the classes. This includes a bathing suit and a towel every day. A sweatshirt, hat, water shoes and sunscreen and water to drink may be advisable.  Students will be on the water most of the lesson time and should dress accordingly.
4. On days of inclement weather, an orange flag will be on the flagpole at the CMYC beach indicating that students should go to an alternate site for their lesson.Classes on these days will be only one hour long!
5. If the weather deteriorates during your child’s class, you must make arrangements to pick your child up early.
6. Parents must make arrangements for their child to have use of an Optimist dinghy during Opti classes. Optimists must be equipped with airbags with a capacity of 45 liters each, 1 bailer secured to the hull,, a painter (5mm x 24’ using floating line) and a whistle attached to the lifejacket. Those with boats to offer and those looking for boats are encouraged to use the exchange feature on the home page.  The bulletin board on the shed is also available to post boat related notices and inquiries. The Exchange available on the website also provides an opportunity to make boat arrangements.
7. Cotuit has a long tradition of sharing the use, maintenance and repair of each boat among those who use it. This derives from the fragility of our old wooden skiffs and it is an important and valued dimension of our Yacht Club. Within this context, it is worthwhile to note that damage to any boat, pram, laser or skiff, is not the exclusive responsibility of either the renter, the user or the owner, rather it is a shared burden. If you are renting a pram, the division of responsibility and cost for repair should be worked out before the season begins so that no confusion will arise should the pram get damaged. Damage should be reported to the owner immediately and responsibility for the repair determined. Expediency gets a boat back on the water enabling the student(s) to continue participating in the program.
8. Parking near the Yacht Club beach is extremely limited and requires a Barnstable beach sticker.Consider alternatives: walking, biking, parking on Putnam Ave. Please review the following CMYC rules with your child.
•   It is expected that all members using the beach will conduct themselves with courtesy and common sense at all times.
•   Bicycles are to be left in the designated area.
•   No children are allowed to play on the dock.
•   Swimming is not allowed from the beach or the dock.
•   All boats on the property must be left in order and neatly lined up.
•   Only boats involved in the instructional program are allowed on CMYC property.
•   Boats may not be placed on the CMYC property until the start of the instructional program and must be removed by Labor Day.