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For the 2020 Spring Season, DRSA and other area associations have decided to offer two types of programs for our youth in the Dakota Ridge Community. For Jeffco Sports Associations to continue to compete and keep our players in our community, DRSA and other Jeffco area associations are offering Select Youth Baseball Program, and our traditional Youth League Program.

Dakota Ridge Sports Association Youth Select Program

Dakota Ridge Sports Association has started a youth select program for those players in our community who want to play at the high school level and beyond, and have the drive, passion and desire to want to play at a high level.

The DRSA Select Youth Program is a Spring and Summer Program that is affiliated with Play Ball Hitting and Pitching Academy and Indoor Hitting Facility. Our select program starts training in January at the Play Ball Indoor Hitting Facility, with games beginning in March and ending in July. Indoor workouts will be conducted at the Play Ball Indoor Hitting Facility, with outdoor workouts being conducted in our Dakota Ridge community.

The goal of this program is to provide a higher level of play to individual players and teams that wish to play at a higher level than our league play, and to keep those players in our association who would otherwise leave to play with another select program outside of DRSA. Our desire is to give our players and teams specific training, philosophies, concepts and goals that might help them succeed to the next level and beyond. Developing consistency and staying discipline is what successful players do, which is why we will stress fundamentals and mechanics that will allow players to be successful based on the individual and teams abilities. Our goal and philosophy is to acclimate our players to what baseball is like at the High School level, and to give each player an opportunity to increase their opportunity to play at the next level.

What DRSA Youth Select Program Offers:

Experienced Instruction

DRSA and Play Ball Academy offers coaches and instructors that have decades and decades of baseball coaching and playing experience at the youth level, high school level, college level and some cases at the professional level. Our coaches are experienced coaches that know how to get a player to the next level and what it takes to be successful at the next level.

Indoor Training Facilities

DRSA and Play Ball Eagles Select Youth Players will get complete access to a premier indoor training facility at Play Ball Academy with two Hit Trax analysis machines, coin operated machines, and hitting and pitching tunnels.

Outdoor Training Facilities

DRSA and Play Ball Eagles Select Youth Player will get complete access to the best fields and outdoor hitting tunnels in the Dakota Ridge community. Unlike other youth select programs, our program will offer outdoor practice times multiple times throughout the week and season for teams to practice, along with outdoor cage time for players and teams to continue to hit throughout the season both on and off the field.

Indoor Workouts

DRSA Play Ball Eagles Select Youth program will offer four (4) indoor workouts in two tunnels for an hour in January, and will offer (8) indoor workouts in two tunnels for an hour in February. Players and teams will have the option of training and working with paid instructors/coaches from Play Ball Academy and instructor/coaches hired by Dakota Ridge Sports Association who have played high school baseball, college baseball and in some cases professional baseball. These indoor workouts will be at Play Ball Academy.

Outdoor Workouts

DRSA Play Ball Eagles Select Youth program will offer thirty two (32) outdoor workout practice slots for two (2) hours two (2) times a week in March, April, May and June. We will also offer sixteen (16) outdoor batting cage slots for one (1) hour once (1) a week in March, April, May and June.

Weekday Games

Unique to the DRSA Play Ball Eagles Select Youth Program is that DRSA will assign games for our select youth teams on Tuesday’s with other select youth program teams. Our select youth teams will not play league games but will play approximately six to eight (6-8) games on Tuesday evenings in order to provide our teams more opportunity of getting game experience against good competition. These games will be at our fields in the Dakota Ridge Community and at any fields from other select youth associations and programs. Our goal is to provide games against other select programs so the games played are against better competition than the games that would be played in league play.


DRSA Play Ball Eagles Select Youth Program will sit down at a scheduled tournament meeting with all of our select teams and ask the coaches for the number of tournaments they would like to play and the tournaments they are interested in participating in both in and out of state. Tournament games can begin as early as February or March with the season lasting until the middle of July. Unlike other select youth programs, DRSA Play Ball Eagles Select Youth Program will not dictate to our coaches and families the number of tournaments they will participate in. Our teams will participate in the number of tournaments they are capable of playing in both financially and with their availability. Therefore, each teams budget will differ from one another based on the number to tournaments they play in, and if they determine any out of state tournaments. Certainly DRSA can make recommendations on both in state and out of state tournaments. With the team player price each team is guaranteed to participate in any Dakota Ridge Sports Association USSSA tournament. DRSA offers 6 tournaments our teams can participate in any two tournaments from February through June. This is an additional 6 games guaranteed with the price of the team player fee in addition to the weekday games.

Equipment Discounts

All DRSA Play Ball Eagles Select Youth players and teams will be given opportunities for discounted pricing of 15% off on all equipment necessary for the season, through DeMarini, Wilson Sport, Evoshield, Atec, and Louisville Slugger.

Youth Select Uniforms

The DRSA Play Ball Eagles Select Youth Program will have custom uniforms with our affiliation of Play Ball on them, as well as the Dakota Ridge Eagles on them. All uniforms are in addition to the player fee to be paid. DRSA Play Ball Eagles Select Youth teams will have a sizing night for all of our select teams at the Play Ball facility and will be fitted for a mandatory two sets of uniforms. Uniforms will be paid for the night of the sizing so they can be ordered. No uniforms will be ordered unless payment has been received. The estimated cost of two sets of uniforms for the 2020 season is $250.00.

Uniform Items to be Purchased:

  1. Two (2) Jerseys – custom full sublimated jersey, full button, two button or v-neck
  2. Two (2) Game Pants – white and gray stock baseball pant with piping in knicker or full length.
  3. One (1) Elastic Game Belt
  4. Two (2) Moisture Management Sock
  5. Two (2) Custom DR Game Hats - (2 Color Front 3D Raised Embroidery, Flat logo Flag on Back)

Additional gear and apparel can be purchased at uniform night. The parents can choose what and how much extra equipment that they want to purchase in addition to the mandatory items. All teams are required to wear a Navy Blue batting helmet. If a team or players need to order a batting helmet, DRSA can provide 15% off the purchase price for batting helmets. All orders will be placed once the complete team has ordered and paid for the merchandise.

Colorado Drills and Skills Baseball Camp

Unique to our Select Youth Program is your fee also includes participation in the Colorado Skills and Drills Baseball Camp. In the second week of every June, DRSA hosts a Skills and Drills Baseball Camp and invites College and High School Coaches from across the country to improve our players baseball skills. This is a three (3) day baseball camp from 8 am to 2 pm each day.

Optional Monthly Membership Fee to Play Ball Indoor Facility

All DRSA Select Youth Players will have the option of a monthly membership of $ at Play Ball Academy. The membership includes three (3) 30 minute tunnel reservations per week, plus 10% discounted rate per clinic or instruction appointment.

Optional Indoor Workout with Paid Instructors/Coaches

All DRSA Play Ball Eagles Select Youth Players and teams will have the option of asking for any to be paid instructors/coaches who are available to work with a team or individual from Play Ball Academy or DRSA. Please contact DRSA for more information for both team and individual options.


Optional Speed and Agility, and Strength and Conditioning

DRSA Play Ball Eagles Select Youth Players will have an option for Speed and Agility and Strength and Conditioning workouts starting in the spring. Please look for more information on Speed and Agility and Strength and Conditioning. 



Paid Coach Team Player Fee – The player fee for the DRSA Select Youth Program is $875.00 . It can be broken down into 4 monthly payments of $218.75

Non Paid Coach Team Player Fee – The player fee for the DRSA Select Youth Program is $775.00. It can be broken down into 4 monthly payment of $193.75

Uniform Cost – The uniform cost is in addition to the team player fee. The 2021 cost is $ for two complete sets of uniforms.

Tournament Fee Per Player - Tournament costs are dependent on each team and how many tournaments they participate in, including if they stay in state or travel out of state. The average cost to play in 6 – 10 tournaments is $350 to $625 per player.

Optional Items:

Team Instruction: If your teams decides it would like instructors from Play Ball or DRSA during the indoor practice time, the optional cost would be an additional $100 per player.

Play Ball Academy Membership: Any player can opt for a monthly membership at Play Ball Academy for an additional $150 per player