New Canaan Youth Field Hockey Website

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The aim of the New Canaan youth field hockey program is to improve individual and team skills in a competitive environment while fostering a love for the game.  Our girls will be encouraged, challenged and expected to work hard and demonstrate teamwork and sportsmanship at practices, during games, and off the field.

Committment:  NCYFH is a short season and we ask that it takes precedence over other travel, club sports, extracurricular activities etc.  If practice and game commitments cannot be met (on a consistent basis), players may see limited playing time during games at the coach's discretion.  Practices and games come first when conflicts occur between NCYFH and other activities.

Objective of Evaluations:  To provide a fair and impartial assessment of a player's skills.

  1. Players are strongly encouraged to attend all 3 of the Evaluation Sessions.  If a player does not attend 2 of the 3 sessions, they will continue to be evaluated and placed on an appropraite team as soon as possible and no later than within the first 2 weeks of play.  If players are not able to attend any of the sessions, please inform Janet Lee.
  2. Players should check in at the NCYFH table each day to register their attendance and pick up their pinnie on the first day.
  3. Each grade will be evaluated separately
  4. Rosters will be posted online within one week of the last evaluation for the grade. 
  5. Players are not allowed to wear any branded gear from Club teams (pinnies, uniforms, etc.)  
  6. Spectators are not allowed.
  7. The following criteria will be considered when evaluating athletes: 
    • Technical Skills (Dribbling, Passing (push pass, sweep, hit, reverse), Receiving/Trapping)
    • Game Sense
    • Fitness
    • Coachability
    • Communication
    • Attitude
  8. We ask that you please wait at least 24 hours after rosters are released to contact NCYFH or the coaches.  We strongly encourage you to have your child reach out about their placement decision if they have questions.  We recognize this can be an emotional time and will work with you after the waitinig period to address any questions you have. 

We appreciate your cooperation as we strive to place each athlete on a team where they will thrive.