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Big Brother and Big Sister FAQs

2019 Fall Season

  • How are assignments made for the Mid-week Youth Recreational training sessions?
    • An email will be sent to all active Big Brothers and Big Sisters each week containing a Sign-Up Genius link (typically Wednesday evenings).
    • The email used is the one listed in the League Athletics registration for the Big Brother or Big Sister.
    • There are 5 open slots for each training session during the week which are filled on a first-come basis.  These numbers may be adjusted depending on the number of participants that typically turn out.
    • Big Brothers and Big Sisters use Sign-Up Genius to indicate days they are available to help.
    • From the Sign-Up Genius survey results, shifts are created in Deputy App (typically by Sunday evening)
    • At the start of the shift, Big Brothers and Big Sisters show up at the field at the times they were assigned and sign-in using the Deputy App.
    • At the end of the shift, Big Brothers and Big Sisters sign-out using the Deputy App.
    • Notes:
      • Currently each Big Brother or Big Sister can sign-up to help for each mid-week session.  This policy may be revisited if necessary so that more Big Brothers and Big Sisters can participate with the mid-week sessions.
      • If a Big Brother or Big Sister is unable to help with mid-week practices after several attempts to sign-up, please notify Brent Nielsen (brent.nielsen@wwpsa.org) to make alternate arrangements.
  • Mid-week Youth Recreational Training sessions will take place:
    • Tuesdays from 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at Conover Park
    • Fridays from 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at Conover Park
    • Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. - noon at Conover Park (Assist with PreK-Sessions)
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters Scheduling
    • Shifts in the Deputy App will be assigned for Mid-Week Practices and for Saturday games.  Use the App to check-in and check-out from the field to record your time.
    • Shifts may not be listed for Big Brothers or Big Sisters assigned to teams who practice during the week or who have games on days other than Saturdays.  The Big Brothers and Big Sisters are invited to participate in these events if their schedule allows.  
    • To get credit for the above mentioned work, initiate an "Unscheduled Shift" in the Deputy App.  Be sure to mention in the comments sections what the shift was for (i.e. mid-week practice, unscheduled game, etc.) so the shift can be approved.
  • Deputy App
    • Big Brothers and Big Sisters will need to have access to the Deputy App on a smart device to record their time.
    • The app utilizes GPS to identify where you sign in and sign out.
  • Recording Time - Sign In
    • When you arrive at the field where you are assigned to work use the Deputy App to sign in
  • Recording Time - Sign Out
    • Prior to leaving the field when your shift is done sign out using the Deputy App
  • ​Team Assignment
    • ​Big Brothers and Big Sisters who choose to do so, will be assigned a team.
    • They will assist the volunteer adult coach in coaching the team.