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General Information

Club coach travel costs for tournaments requiring air travel are passed along to the families and are not included in our tuition payments, including coaching staff airfare, coach accommodations, coach food stipends and ground transportation. All athletes will stay with your parents for any travel tournament. For regular season tournaments located in the Pacific Northwest, coach travel and expenses are built in to tuition, and no further travel costs are passed along to the families. Where tournaments require the athletes to stay in approved hotels, Kraken will reserve a team block, and parents are required to book rooms within that block. Please do not request an exception, this is not a club policy, but is a requirement to participate in the tournament. 

Travel Costs Payment Plans

If a parent prefers to setup monthly payment plans for travel, we are happy to do so. Travel balances for a tournament must be at a $0 balance by the 15th of the month prior to the month of travel. 

Travel Commitments

When an athlete joins a Club Team with Kraken, they have made a commitment to attend all team training sessions and tournaments as established on the team competition schedule, including destination travel tournaments. Any competition attendance conflicts must be disclosed before accepting an offer to join a Kraken Club Team. Kraken establishes each team's competition schedule before tryouts so that we can avoid attendance conflicts. When an athlete misses a tournament it has a negative effect on team development and the ability of that team to reach it's optimal competition potential.

Travel Payments Refund Policy

Travel Payments are non-refundable. The parent or legal guardian will be responsible for payments when due even if the player voluntarily withdraws from the club or any tournament or is discharged from the club by the Kraken Director.

Note: the reason we make travel payments non-refundable is so that we can protect the families that do travel. Someone pulling out after they made a commitment to join a Kraken VC team can have a large impact on the financial obligation of those that do. 

Team / Coach Elected Travel

Kraken teams may elect to attend additional tournaments outside of the regular season schedule, including destination tournaments requiring travel. Some examples of a team elected tournament are post season competitions like the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships, AAU National Championships, or the Volleyball Festival. If a team discusses the addition of a destination tournament, Kraken will do a cost estimate and then discuss with the team families. Depending on the team, a roster of at least 9 or 10+ players would be required in order to attend any team elected competition, (athletes from other Kraken teams may be invited to complete a roster for some travel tournaments. All travel quotes for team / coach elected travel will be completed on a sliding scale based on # of Krakens attending.

Travel Fees Include:

  • Tournament Entry Fees
  • Coach / Chaperone Airfare and Meals
  • Coaching Staff Accommodations
  • Coach Ground Transportation, Fuel, Insurance & Parking Fees
  • Misc Addt'l Costs
  • +++ Estimates are based on a team of 12-13 Athletes

Travel Fees Do NOT Include:

  • Athlete airfare & accommodations
  • Athlete ground transportation
  • Food and Meals
  • In-Room entertainment like movies, room service, etc
  • Spending Money: tournament swag or non-tournament event attendance i.e. movies, entertainment park entry fees, etc
  • Mischellaneous other expenses that are non-tournament related

Athlete airfare may be estimated for the purpose of the cost analysis, but families would be responsible for booking and paying for flights. If a group booking is utilized, Kraken will setup payment directly between the booking agent and the families.