Hampshire Youth Basketball


The Maddie Schmidt Memorial Scholarship

3on3 Basketball Tournament









1) Each team must have a minimum of three (3) players and a maximum of four (4) players on their roster and must be registered on the team’s official roster. Additions and/or changes must be approved by the Tournament Committee prior to the start of the tournament.


PLEASE NOTE: A player may only appear on one roster and play as a part of one team. Any team using a player appearing on more than one team will immediately be disqualified from the tournament upon discovery.


2) The format of the tournament is double elimination.


3) Teams are split into the following age/grade divisions by gender: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12.


4) Players may be checked for honesty of information (name, age) provided on the team application. At the discretion of the Tournament Committee, teams using illegal players or false information may be disqualified from the tournament.



1) Teams must be at their court in advance of the scheduled start time (games could begin earlier or later than the scheduled start time).  A five (5) minute forfeit time will be enforced once your game is ready to start.  Games may start with a minimum of two (2) players. 


2)  A coin flip before the start of the game will determine who gets the ball first.



1) All games will have one (1) referee.

2) In all divisions, a free-throw will be awarded to a player who is fouled in the act of shooting.  On the seventh (7th) team foul and beyond, the offense has the option to either shoot the free-throw or take possession of the ball.  If the player makes the shot in the act of being fouled, the basket counts, and the defense takes possession (no free-throw awarded).

3) When a free-throw is made, the shooting team is awarded one (1) point and the defense takes possession.  If the free throw is missed, the defense takes possession.

4) A flagrant and/or technical foul (as determined by the referee) will result in one (1) free-throw and the team shooting the free-throw will retain possession.  A second (2nd) flagrant and/or technical foul in the same game will result in the offending team forfeiting the game.  A third (3rd) flagrant and/or technical foul in the tournament will result in disqualification from the tournament.

5) No appeals or discussions are permitted.



1) The ball will change possession after scored baskets and free-throws.

2) After a made basket, foul call, or other stoppage of play, the ball must be “checked” by an opposing player before it is put into play.  Once “checked”, the ball must be passed in to begin play.  This will take place at the top of the key.

3) In the seventh (7th) grade and above divisions, the ball must be "taken back" on each change of possession.  The "take-back line" will be marked on each court. "Taking-it-back" means BOTH feet must be behind the aforementioned line at the same time.  Failure to "take it back" will result in loss of possession and any point, if scored.

4)  In the first (1st) through sixth (6th) grade divisions, the ball will only need to be “taken back” if the ball hits the rim and on made baskets.

5) Jump balls will be awarded to the defense.

6) The three-second rule in the paint will apply to all offensive players.  There is no three-second rule in the first (1st) through fourth (4th) divisions.

7) Unlimited substitutions are permitted following a stoppage of play or after a made basket.

8) No timeouts are allowed.

9) If the referee feels a team is stalling or too much time is being taken before a shot is attempted, they will initiate a 10-second count.



1) All made baskets and free-throws are worth one (1) point.

2) For the first (1st) through fourth (4th) divisions, each game will last a maximum of 10 minutes (running time) or until a team reaches 7 points.  If a game is tied after 10 minutes, next basket wins.

3) For the fifth (5th) through twelfth (12th) divisions, each game will last a maximum of 15 minutes (running time) or until a team reaches 11 points.  If a game is tied after 15 minutes, next basket wins.

4) Semi-final & Final games will last a maximum of 15 minutes of running time for first (1st) through fourth (4th) divisions, and 20 minutes of running time for fifth (5th) through twelfth (12th) divisions, or until a team reaches 11 points, winning by 2, or the first to 15 points (whichever occurs first).  If there is no winner after time expires, the team with the lead is the winner.  If the game is tied, next basket wins.



If participants, parents and/or other spectators of a team exhibit threatening or improper behavior or use inappropriate language towards another participant, a referee, or another spectator, the team(s) involved in the game risk(s) disqualification by the referee and/or a member of the Tournament Committee, and the spectator or player may be removed from the premises.