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The New England Sun Devils is an AAA/elite hockey team created for dedicated players to compete at the top-level events. Exposure to the highest level of competition triggers an explosion of new abilities and faster development.

We believe that the game of hockey is one of the greatest games in the world, and we are here to keep together the group of kids and parents, who feels the same way as we do.

Why We Do It? Player development is the main focus of the New England Sun Devils.  High-end skills, up-tempo practices combined with professional coaching and highly competitive tournaments separate the New England Sun Devils from any other spring or summer program.  Our package of practices and position-specific skills is designed to maximize individual skill development and prepare each player for competition now and in the future.  The Sun Devils are not just some weekend tourney team.  The team will practice, prepare, and compete as a high-level showcase team at some of the best spring/summer tournaments in the US and Canada.

To help elite players reach their maximum potential, it's beneficial for them to be around like-minded friends.







Interested in playing for the Sun Devils? 

Call 781-821-0304 ex#2

2019 - Results

Shamrock - Semi-Final

Prep Cup - Final

Buffalo - Semi-Final