Are you in the Pony or Bronco Division?
Do you want to meet players in the Pinto Division?
Do you need community service credits for school?

Then being a CHPBA player mentor is for you!


This season, CHPBA is proud to present its first player mentor program!  This program is open to all players who are in the Pony or Bronco divisions.  Just click here to email us, and we’ll match your player up with a Pinto player, or a new Cheviot family.  It’s easy, fun and rewarding!


The goal is to build community by making connections between the divisions.  We want to help our youngest players and new Cheviot families to feel welcome to our community, while encouraging our oldest players to share their baseball experiences with new friends. 


The mentors can meet their new friend at the field to play catch, they can come watch each others’ games, the older player can help out at the younger player’s practices, or the families can just meet up at Cheviot on a Saturday for a sack lunch.


CHPBA will give community service credit to mentors who are actively involved in working with or assisting their new friends, but we can’t give community service for social activities (sorry!). 


We hope you will encourage your player to make a new friend and join us in our new player mentor program!