BU Agganis Rink | MA Hockey League
MA Hockey League provides full ice and 3x3 leagues, tournaments,pick-up games and skill clinics for adult and youth players.

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BU Agganis Arena



The arena parking garage is available on the north (rear) side of the building. To enter the parking garage, use Harry Agganis Way and follow it past the loading docks to the rear of the building. The garage is operated by a third party and is charged at a rate of $2.50/hr. If arriving from the garage, players should park on the Upper level (P1) and take elevator 3 on the northwest side of the garage to access the ground level. The locker rooms are down the stairs from there, on Level LL1.

There is also on-street parking on Commonwealth Ave, Henry Agganis Way, and other side streets. For the early games, please note that parking meters typically run until 8PM.


**Free skate sharpening is available on request.**  Referees and league officials will be comped parking via a list at the booth.



Agganis Arena can be easily accessed from the Pleasant Street stop on the Green Line’s “B” branch.



Entry from the street level will be the Feld Skating Entrance, located directly across the street from the Police Station on Harry Agganis Way. The front lobby will NOT be open. Players entering the FELD skating entrance can access the locker rooms down the stairs to left, on Level LL1.

If arriving from the parking garage, players can take elevator 3 on the west side of the garage from P1 to access the locker rooms directly on Level LL1.



No TOBACCO or ALCOHOL is allowed on the property.



By purchasing you agree to the terms of purchase.  As a part of those terms, you agree to comply with the rules and policies of this facility and the direction of their employees.  This facility’s rules are listed below:

1.     Alcohol and Tobacco products are NOT allowed within the arena and or parking lots. Agganis Arena has a NO tolerance policy, and offenders will be removed from the facility. Those in violation of this policy will be unable to participate in any future game or event held at Agganis Arena.

2.     Fighting is expressly prohibited by the arena, as it is with StinkySocks Hockey in general. At this facility, anyone who participates in such conduct will not only be subject to a lifetime ban from StinkySocks Hockey, per our conduct policy, but they will also be subject to ejection, legal action, and/or arrest by the Boston University Police.

3.     Proper protective gear is required while on the ice at all times.

4.     Skates are restricted to designated areas with protective rubber flooring (and of course, on the ice).

5.     NO skaters are allowed on the ice until the Zamboni has completed its make, and the Zamboni doors have closed.

6.     The Agganis Arena is a safe environment, however, StinkySocks Hockey, the University, Trustees, staff, and agents are not responsible for items lost or stolen on the premises. They encourage valuables be locked in a safe place or left in your vehicle.

7.     No children under the age of 14 are allowed without parental supervision. Parents/Guardians of unattended children will be asked to vacate the premises. Roller blades, roller shoes and roller skate guards are NOT allowed in any of the public access areas of this arena. There is no running permitted in public areas including but not limited to: lobby, hallways, bleachers and other common areas.

8.     Customers, attendees and participants assume all inherent risks associated with attending or participating in skating activities at this facility.

9.     Photographic devices are NOT allowed in bathrooms, changing rooms or locker rooms.

10.   Off-Ice passing and shooting of pucks, etc. is not allowed; this includes all common areas in the arena such as, but not limited to: lobby, hallways and locker rooms.

Those not in compliance with these rules will be subject to ejection from the property, without refund. Boston University and Agganis Arena, in its sole discretion, may eject individuals and/or entire teams for actual or perceived violations of these rules.

Trash and recycling barrels are located in each locker area,  please use them.


All Participants must be 18 yrs +