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Head Coach

Contact Information



Coaching Experience

Head Coach, 12 Reef
Kraken Volleyball Club

Head Coach & Program Director
Sammamish High School

Head Coach, Girls U15-17
EVA, Bellevue, WA
Program Director, Fundamentals of Volleyball Training
Boys & Girls Club, Bellevue, WA

Head Coach U15-U17
YMCA Blaze, Bellevue, WA

Head Coach, JV Coach, Girls Volleyball
Hazen HS, Renton, WA
Eastside Catholic HS, Sammamish, WA
Rainier Beach HS, Seattle, WA



Playing Experience

Bellevue College
Outside Hitter

Where are you from?

Bellevue, WA

What position do you like playing the most in volleyball?

Outside & Opposite Hitter

Why do I play volleyball?

I play volleyball because it’s fun!  Volleyball has taught me competition, teamwork, and responsibility all while having a good time with some of the finest people on the planet.  The volleyball community is an amazing family that I am honored to be a part of!

Who is one volleyball player (athlete) that you are inspired by and why?

I started playing volleyball after watching Flo Hyman play for the US Women’s National team in 1982.  She was a powerful and gifted athlete that made her team better and I wanted to be just like her.

Why do you coach? What excites you about coaching?

Volleyball has given me so much and coaching gives me the opportunity to give back.  I want to give others the chance to learn this sport and the lessons it can teach about others and themselves.

What do you value most in your players?

I value players that work hard to master new skills, encourage their teammates instead of criticizing them and can hear feedback from coaches and players.

What is your most embarrassing volleyball moment?

In a match my senior year of high school, I got hit in the face while trying to pass a serve because I lost a contact lens earlier that day.  I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face so no way I could track a volleyball!