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Head Coach

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Coaching Experience

Head Coach, Girls 14s
Kraken Volleyball Club

Assistant Coach
Space Needle Volleyball Foundation




Playing Experience

USA Volleyball & Local Leages
Outside Hitter


Shoreline Community College
Outside Hitter

Shoreline Community College
Outside Hitter

Rainier Beach High School
Outside Hitter

Where are you from?

Los Angeles, CA, but grew up in Seattle, WA

What position do you like playing the most in volleyball?

Outside Hitter, although I LOVED playing Libero/DS as well. 

Why do you play volleyball

Because I fell in love with it. In the first few years playing, I was REALLY hard on myself. I grew out of my shell with the help of great coaching. I also love how fun it is while also being very competitive!

Why do you coach? What excites you about coaching?

Because I’ve had really great coaches who taught me fundamentals not only on the court but off. They made an impact on me and my love for the sport.  I would want to be that coach for someone else.

What do you value most in your players?

Positive attitudes. I love team players that want to learn/grow and work together.

What is your most embarrassing volleyball moment?

My most embarrassing moment in volleyball besides getting hit in the face with the ball multiple times lol would have to be when I was trying to call a ball heading in my direction that I knew was going out of bounds. While calling it, I tried to move out the way, so I put my hands up and my chest went out. It all seemed like slow motion at the time but the ball ended up hitting my chest before it went out. I laugh about it now but I was SO embarrassed at the moment.