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Thank you for supporting LS Hockey! 

Instructions for using templates: 

  • Once you have completed your purchase (online store), download the applicable template by double clicking on Full Page, Half Page or Quarter Page. 
  • Open the download and save the template using your company or family name to easily identify document.
  • Please do not change the margins or include a different boarder within the template as they are set with the Printer.
  • To begin your design, double click in the template, then simply start typing at the cursor and/or copy and paste your logo/artwork, pictures, etc. within the template (see examples).  Note: Logos/artwork with low resolution will appear as such in the ad.
  • Forward your completed advertisement to    

If you have any questions about completing your advertisement – please reach out to:

Sonya Elenbaas- sonyamarieelenbaas@gmail.com 

Please Note: all advertisements are due no later than Sunday, November 12th


Program Committee: Sonya Elenbaas

Microsoft Word file Full Page Template

Microsoft Word file Half Page Template 

Microsoft Word file Quarter Page Template


Examples of Each Ad Size

Full Page Example