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Colchester Soccer Club Referee Program


On behalf of Colchester Soccer Club I would like to thank all current and past referees for their continued commitment and dedication to our club.  One of my goals at CSC is to help develop and retain quality referees. Your continued involvement in refereeing for CSC is critical to the success of our program.  To date we have been able to successfully manage our program with a large pool of very talented referees.  We'd hope for this to continue.

Please contact me if you are interested in refereeing for CSC.

Thank you,
Norman Thoms

CYS Referee Assignor


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I go about refereeing games for Colchester Soccer Club?

The first step in refereeing games for CYS is to register with our club. If you are a certified referee, please send an email with your name and contact information to:

What's involved in getting game assignments?

In order to receive CSC game assignments you must be able to use email and the web. All CSC game assignments will be done via a web based system called "assignr.com" .

What types of games will I be required to do?

All youth referee's are EXPECTED to do RECREATIONAL games in addition to TRAVEL games.

How are games assignments determined?

Assignments to Recreational games and Travel games are done at the discretion of the CSC Assignor. 

How do referees get paid?

Payments for Recreational and Travel games are calculated by the "assignr.com" system and are based on games that have been assigned "to you" and accepted "by you". If the CSC Assignor does not assign you to a game – you will not get paid for that game.

What information is required in order to get paid?

In order to get paid for games that you have been assigned you will need to have your contact information (Name & Address) correctly filled out in the online system.

How frequently are checks mailed out?

The Treasurer will write checks once a month and will mail your check to you. It is very important that your address is correct in the Assignr.com system.

What do I do if there is a problem with my check?

Any problems or discrepancies with payments need to be addressed immediately.  Please contact the assignor and/or the treasurer with questions concerning payments.


Additional Resources


ALL referees must read review the instructions and documentation noted below.

Laws of the Game - FIFA Laws of the Game.

Advice to Referees  - Advice on how to interpret the Laws of the game.

Guides to Procedures - Standard refereeing techniques, signals and mechanics for all levels of play.

CSC Recreational League Rules - Please familiarize yourself with the CSC Recreational League rules.

CSC Online Referee Instructions - These are instructions for using the CSC online referee assignment system.




CSC Online Referee System - (assignr.com) used for referee game assignments and payments.

CTReferee.NET - Connecticut State Referee Program website.

Official Sports - Referee uniforms.