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Western Weather Policy


     Team managers, if this is to occur at any time on an AWAY game day the procedure is to contact the opposing team manager and make the best-informed decisions for your team. It is not the intent of the Organization to ever put anyone in an uncomfortable position of deciding to attend or not. Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


     Welcome to winter! With the impending forecast, we wanted to remind you once again of the Western weather policy. If the rink remains open, which it normally does, then our practices will be held as schedule be it that we are contractually responsible for the ice costs. We urge you to use common sense and make your individual family decisions based upon your comfort level with driving conditions at the time. In no way would an athlete be punished for a weather-related absence. We do however ask that if you are uncomfortable traveling and will be missing practice that you utilize the SI app and inform your coach accordingly for planning purposes. This policy applies to both practices and games at Danbury Ice Arena. If the rink ever cancels, we will send out an electronic notice as quickly as possible. As the season progresses this will be the normal protocol.


WCYHA Policies and Bylaws letter of Acknowledgement: Please review the attached Policies and Bylaws letter and fill out and sign the Acknowledgement Letter.  Team managers will be collecting the completed Acknowledgement letters over the next few days. 


Bylaws & Policies Letter


Acknowledgement Letter



Where do my tuition dollars go?     


In the past folks have asked where tuition dollars go and why we have the need to fundraise, here are the short answers and basic outline of the Western annual plan. As a non-profit 501 3c, we are bound by certain regulatory rules and work to put the money back into the program. Every season is different and capital improvement comes about on an as-needed basis.

The bulk of any monies collected is put into ice time rented from Danbury Ice Arena, followed closely by Official's costs and Coaches salaries and expense. Additionally, we have annual equipment costs along with recurring I T costs, accountant fees, nonprofit filings, Connecticut Hockey Conference Dues, Connecticut Girls Hockey League fees, and Tournament application and entry fees. We have annual evaluation expenses. We look to also make investments in capital improvement projects such as new cross-ice boards, coaching aids, visual aids, and storage lockers. In the past, we have also subsidized new jerseys and/or skill sessions. We pay some outside vendors to address the different levels such as Pro Crease goaltending and I Play Harder (IPH). We have annual banquet fees including small gifts for our athletes, managers, and schedulers. We have marketing costs and administrative costs.   

Hockey can be a costly sport and we are ever conscious of keeping our tuition in check while balancing the ongoing needs of the organization. Our Organization files annual tax returns and sets annual budgets and maintains an ongoing balance sheet.


As we begin the new season ... 

Thanks in advance for your help in enforcing these rules.

  • No Players are permitted to be sitting on the boards during ice resurfacing.  Should players sit on the boards, the ice resurfacer driver has been instructed to cease the ice cut until the players sit on the benches.  Missed time will not be made up if players sit on the boards and delay the ice resurfacing.
  • No one except for authorized personnel is permitted in the player's benches or penalty boxes during games, practices, clinics, or hockey private sessions.  In addition, injured/non-dressed players are not permitted on the benches or in the penalty boxes for games even with a helmet on.  No spectators are ever permitted on the player's benches or in the penalty boxes.
  • Spectators are not permitted in unauthorized or non-spectator areas. This includes the bleachers and skyboxes on the west side of Patriot, the area above the Zamboni Room, and the area in Liberty by the emergency exit doors.
  • Players are not permitted to enter the ice surface until the ice resurfacer doors are closed and must leave the ice surface as soon as the ice resurfacer doors open.  For practices, coaches must be prepared and end practice on time and not wait to pick up pucks until the very end.

Hope the summer was good and you are looking forward to an exciting season!  I wanted to touch base on a few safety things as we start the season. 




Danbury Ice Arena and the Western Board