High Sierra Lacrosse promotes and supports men's and women's lacrosse for grade school, high school, and collegiate participants in the Northern Nevada, High Sierra, and Lake Tahoe region.

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What gear/equipment do I need to play lacrosse?  

For an overview of required lacrosse equipment, what it’s for and how it should fit, start with the US Lacrosse Equipment Guide.


  • stick
  • helmet
  • shoulder pads
  • arm pads
  • gloves
  • mouthguard
  • cup
  • cleats (recommended for grass fields)


  • stick
  • goggles or *helmet
  • mouthguard
  • cleats (recommended for grass fields)

​​​​*As of now, the use of headgear is optional in girls' and women's lacrosse.  For more information on headgear in the women's game click here

Where can I get gear?