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MA Hockey League provides full ice and 3x3 leagues, tournaments,pick-up games and skill clinics for adult and youth players.

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League Info and Benefits

Spring/Summer 2019

Registration is Now Open!



League Benefits & Extras


Spring/Summer 2019

  • Early Bird Team Discount: $100 off the current season if your captain signs your team up and is the team is paid in full by April 15, 2019. You must pay in full in order to qualify for the discount, otherwise on April 16, 2019, the balance will go back up to the original amount. Must email info@mahockeyleague first to receive the discount.
    • All captains of teams who have their teams registered and paid in full by April 15th will receive an All Black Hockey Stick ($100 value) 
  • All players who are registered and paid in full by April 15 will be entered into a raffle to win an All Black Hockey Stick.
    • We will have several raffles depending on # of sign ups for each league.  
  • Multi-League Discount: $50 off each additional league a team registers for in a single season. Must pay in full before the season to receive this discount. Must email info@mahockeyleague.com before registering for the 2nd league. If you do not email, you will not be eligible for the discount.
  • Trophies and prizes to championship and runner-up teams
  • MVP, MVG, and other individual awards and recognitions at the end of the season
  • Jerseys provided at no extra cost if it is the first year your team is in the league and you need them, or if you sign up as a free agent
  • Skate for 22 Veteran teams and players get 10% off their registration. Anyone who is currently in the Military or a Veteran is welcome to join the Skate 22 Foundation. MORE INFO
  • First Responder teams (3/4 of team must be First Responders) receive 10% off their team fees (Applies to any league)
  • Team standings and individual stas for skaters and goalies
  • Real game feel without having to worry about goons
  • Certified referees and scorekeepers
  • Easy to use website to see your team's schedules, rosters, stats and other info
  • Email and text reminders are available through your account if you'd like
  • Captains can set up their team's home page and email their team when needed through the roster page
  • Easy and flexible payment options



More League Benefits to Come....

Additional League Info
  • Easy team payment method
    • Captains can have each player pay their own portion of the team fee instead of the captain having to collect from each player themselves (Teams are still responsible for team fee if a player fails to pay).
  • Jersey Info
    • Jerseys are free for new players. Players that played in a previous season should use their current jerseys.  If this isn't your first season in the league and you want another jersey please send an email a month prior to the start of the league. I will need $20 to place the order. 
    • All teams must supply their own matching jerseys. If this is your first season together in the MAHL, then ask about getting a set of jerseys.Jerseys can be ordered through Tricon Sports or any store of your choosing. If you go through Tricon Sports and use the MA Hockey League Logo on your jersey, the captain/team will receive 1/3 of total jersey costs (up to $75 per total jersey cost). You must provide a paid receipt for the order.
  • Goalies
    • If you played in a previous season please let us know if you will be playing this season or not so we can save you a spot on your team.
  • Additional Notes
    • Some of the league dates and times may change slightly occasionally for varies reasons including the weather, rink, staff or any other issues that may occur. Make up games may have to be on a different night than the regularly scheduled night.
  • Equipment
    • All teams must supply their own equipment, this includes pucks for warm-ups and 2 pucks to let the referees use for each game.
  • League Fees
    • League fees for both teams and free agents can be viewed when you go to register by clicking the "Team Registration" or "Register Now" buttons on the home page. Team fees are one set price and must have paid at least a $250 - $500 deposit in order to place your team in a league. Teams must be paid in full by the half way point of the season. Free agents can choose between paying early for the discount, paying all at once before the 1st day of league games for a discount, or doing a payment plan for slightly more money but having the convenience of paying over an extended amount of time.
  • Payment History
    • If you are on a team or are an individual who has had difficulties paying in the past you may be asked to pay in full before the season or pay a larger deposit. 
  • Roster
    • You are welcome to have as many players on a team as you want, I would recommend at most 15 players per team for full ice 5x5 leagues, 11 players for 4x4 leagues and 9 players for 3x3 leagues plus goalies. This will eliminate the hassle of trying to find subs as I have seen with most teams, a player or more is out almost every game. This will also lower each players cost. I recommend that each team have a list of substitute goalies who are willing to play for you. You can email massgoalies@yahoogroups.com to look for a full time goalie or to request a goalie to fill-in as well as line up back-up goalies for the season.
  • League Discounts Available
    • Multiple league Free Agent discount: If you join two leagues as a Free Agent you will receive $50  off your 2nd league and for each league after that you will receive $50 off each league within the same season!! To receive these discounts you must use the pay in full option and not the scheduled payment option and you must pay for the first league in full and register for the other leagues but don't make a payment yet for the 2nd or 3rd league until you send an email to have the payment amount adjusted. If you are on a team as an "Assigned Player" that has a team  payment you are eligible for a discount on your second team only if you are a full time player and you are a free agent on at least one of your  teams. You will receive a $50 discount for each league you are a Free Agent on.
    • If you are a captain and manage 2 or more teams you will receive a $100 discount per each team. You must be the captain for each team. 
    • For all league discounts please email   first.  *Note, in order to receive these discounts you must be paying in full (i.e. no scheduled payments).
  • Pay Now Button
    • All players are able to use the "Pay Now" button on the home page to make a payment. You are able to enter in any amount you would like to pay. This is another easy option to make partial payments or for captains to make a deposit or team payment. 
    • Players can also make partial payments towards their balance when logged into their account. 
  • Checks
    • Personal Checks, Business Checks and Money Orders are accepted. Please mail to: MA Hockey League, 1671 Worcester Rd Suite 110, Framingham, MA 01701. 
  • League Ranking System
    • A Level: Elite level player. Has played at the professional level or college level
    • B Level: Advanced level player. Has played at the college level, either club or NCAA, Juniors or varsity in high school 
    • C Level: Intermediate level player. Has played some high school, low juniors or been playing adult hockey for several or more years 
    • D Level: Novice level player. Is newer to the game and has only been skating for a limited amount of years. Never played or had limited amount of time playing organized hockey growing up.
    • Note: Each level listed above can be broken down into even more categories, for example a C level player can be either a C+, C or C- level player. A C+ level player would be more advanced than a C or C- Level player.
  • Team Registration
    • Captains: To register your team go to the "Register Team" tab on the home page. Fill out all the required info, and put yourself as the manager. Have all the members of your team register to join your team by clicking the "Register Now" button on the home page and select "League Registration - Skaters" then select the "Assigned Team" registration option. Once every member has registered please send an email with what each player will be paying and I will update their account to show their balance. Please note that if you plan on doing early bird registration, all players must pay in full before the early bird registration deadline closes. If a player does not pay their balance, then the team and captain is responsible to pay it.
    • All teams must pay a $500 deposit to officially enter their team and have their full balance paid by the first game of the season. If your team would like to work out a scheduled payment option, this can be arranged by contacting matt@mahockeyleague.com. Half of the team is still required to be paid prior to your team's first game. Teams will be responsible for the full amount due if a player fails to make their full payment.
  • Individual Registration
    • Players: All players must register themselves: this includes both free agents, goalies and players whose captains have registered their team. If you are a free agent and would like to set up a payment plan please select the "Scheduled Payment" option for the league you choose. If you choose the full amount option, you must pay in full before the first game or your registration will be moved to the payment plan option. If you have a captain that has entered your team, they will be assigning what each player owes. You will be able to log into your account and make a payment. Scheduled Payments can also be set up if needed. Players that need to register for a team that their captain set up, please select the "League Registration - Skaters" then select the "Assigned Team" option. 
    • Note: Free Agent players must make a payment in order to hold their spot in the league.



MA Hockey League has the final say in all decisions and has the right to change or adjust the league info for any reason.