Promoting the sport of Lacrosse by providing youth coed lacrosse programs and activities in the Verona Wisconsin area for grades 3 through high school.

Sponsored By:   Sugar River Pizza Company
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VACANT Positions starting September 2019

  • Youth Council Chairman (Voting Board Member)
  • Vice President (Voting Board Member)
  • Treasurer (Voting Board Member)
  • Secretary (Voting Board Member)
  • Girls Youth Director (Voting Board Member) - Year 2 of two-year term.
  • Boys Youth Direct (Voting Board Member)
  • Communications and Marketing Coordinator


Board of Directors:

  • VLC President: Provides direction to club. Oversees all club activities.  Details
  • VLC Vice President: Assists President as needed and provides assistance in other areas to ensure club growth.
  • Secretary: Record meeting minutes, email meeting summary as directed.  Details
  • Treasurer: Manage cash and banking, financial ledgers, and budgeting. Maintain insurance and required documentation. Details
  • Boys HS and Girls HS Director (Separate positions for Boys/Girls):  Oversees HS program and coaches.  Details  
  • Youth Council Chairman: Provides direction and oversees youth club organization (through 8th grade). Integral in getting season off to a good start and in promoting the sport to younger players.  Details   Timeline
  • Boys Youth and Girls Youth Director (Separate positions for Boys/Girls):  Oversees youth program and coaches.  Details  Timeline

Other Club-Level Positions:

  • Equipment Coordinator: Orders necessary supplies at the start of season and on an ongoing basis throughout the season for teams/tournaments. Organizes Team bins for game day as needed.  Details
  • Field Manager Coordinator: Central point of contact for preparing and maintaining VLC fields.  Details
  • Webmaster.  Manages website content, club-level registrations/fundraisers, security access, sponsorship content.
  • Registrar: Develops and manages registration process for season and other off-season activities, includding camps, clinics, and off-season leagues.
  • BLA (Badgerland Lacrosse Association) Rep: Attend BLA meetings once per month. Act as a liaison for VLC.
  • Marketing Coordinator:  Coordinates marketing efforts, including the placements of ads in school papers/newspapers, flier handouts, and promotional campaigns.
  • Survey Coordinator: Prepares year-end and requested surveys for entire club, distributes results to board members.
  • Graphic Design Assistant: Work with related committees to design/update promotional pieces for club fliers, newspaper ads, and brochures for season and fundraising activities.  May also include preparation of sandwich boards for certain events.
  • Social Media Manager: Manage and promote Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • T-Shirt Sponsorships:  Solicit and coordinate sponsorships for t-shirt and website. 
  • Spirit Wear Chair/Committee: Select spirit wear items and coordinate opening/closing of store and delivery of items. 
  • Fundraising Chair/Committee:  Coordinate club-level fundraisers that don't have a separate chair position and/or work with others who want to sponsor a separate fundraising event.
  • Trivia Night Chair/Committee:  Coordinate Trivia Night.  Committee members assist with set-up/take-down; raffle tickets; obtain donations/gifts to raffle off; hotel location, and question format.  Committee Position Details

HS Positions:

  • HS Team Manager (2 positions needed for boys and girls HS teams):  Team Parent for HS Team.  Works closely with coaches and HS Directors.  Insures that all volunteer spots for game days are filled, helps parents with questions, and coordinates team correspondence.  Details


Youth Positions:

  • Youth Coach (Head or Assistant):  Online training provided. To register to coach, please go to and select Coaching Registration. Additional “Become a Coach” details and Certification steps under “Coaches” on website
  • Youth Team Parent Coordinator:  Primary point of contact for training and communication for Youth Parent Reps and Youth Age Level Managers (ALMs).  Details
  • Youth Age Level Manager(ALM): Does a lot of start-of-season work. Makes sure player paperwork is completed, coordinates with coaches, and assigns players to rosters, transitions information to individual team parents:  Details
  • Youth Parent Rep:  Insures that all volunteer spots for game days are filled, helps parents with understanding volunteer roles, coordinates team correspondence, and is the liaison between player parents and coaches.  Details
  • Youth Uniform Coordinator: Works directly with Age Level Managers at the start of the season to assist in getting uniform/pinnie sizing to Spirit Wear Committee.   Details