Summer 2016 Champions | MA Hockey League
MA Hockey League provides full ice and 3x3 leagues, tournaments,pick-up games and skill clinics for adult and youth players.

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MAHL Summer 2016 Past Champions

Bedford 5 X 5 Rookie League                         

B Division

Champions: MAHL B

Runner-ups: Clockey

C Division

Champions: Motherpuckers

Runner-ups: Puck Buddies

D1 Division

Champions: Bonecrushers

Runner-ups: Moose

D2 Division

Champions: Puck Heads

Runner-ups: Minutemen



Dedham 3 X 3 League                         

B Division

Champions: Grinders

Runner-ups: Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Yeah!


C Division

Champions: Plow Horses

Runner-ups: Sharks

D Division

Champions: Brewins

Runner-ups: Griz


Hingham 3 X 3 League                         

Champions: Rocket Power

Runner-ups: Buke Hockey


Hopedale 5 X 5 League                         

Champions: MAHL

Runner-ups: Ham Fisted


Rockland 5 X 5 League                         

C1 Division

Champions: Mohawks

Runner-ups: Angry Beavers

C2 Division

Champions: MAHL

Runner-ups: The Mighty Ducks

Salem Leagues                     

5 X 5 Rookie D League

Champions: Black

Runner-ups: Yellow


5 X 5 C/D League

Champions: Blue

Runner-ups: Thick Blondes


Salem Leagues                     

5 X 5 League

Champions: Pandamonium

Runner-ups: Sexy Traffic Cones


5 X 5 AM League

Champions: MAHL

Runner-ups: Alnylam Silencers


Tewksbury League                     

C1 Division

Champions: Wilmington Ski and Snowboard Club

Runner-ups: Donkey Brains


C2 Division

Champions: Inglewood Jacks

Runner-ups: C-Town

Tewksbury 5x5 C2 Division League: Champions - Inglewood Jacks / Runner-ups - C-Town


B/C Division

Champions: Champions

Runner-ups: Cyclones