Winter 2016 Champions | MA Hockey League
MA Hockey League provides full ice and 3x3 leagues, tournaments,pick-up games and skill clinics for adult and youth players.

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MAHL Winter 2016 Past Champions

Bedford 5 X 5 Rookie League                         

Champions: MAHL All Stars

Runner-ups: Bonecrushers

Cambridge League                         

Champions: Puck Hogs

Runner-ups: Flames

Canton 4 X 4 Rookie League                         

Champions: Grey

Runner-ups: Black

Hingham 3 X 3 League                         

Champions: Buke Hockey

Runner-ups: # Jesus

Dedham 3 X 3 League                         

B/C Division:

Champions: Hackers

Runner-ups: Sharks

C/D Division:

Champions: Plow Horses

Runner-ups: Drinklerfitters Anonymous

Rockland 4 X 4 League                         

Champions: Angry Beavers

Runner-ups: Finishers

Salem NH League                         

Rookie D1 Division:

Champions: Blue

Runner-ups: Red

Rookie D2 Division:

Champions: Light Blue

Runner-ups: Purple

Somerville Leagues                         

4 X 4 League:

Champions: The Avalanche

Runner-ups: Rockets

Somerville AM League:

Champions: MAHL

Runner-ups: Ainylam Silencers

Woburn League                         

Champions: Ducks

Runner-ups: Cyclones