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Winter Football Information (2021)

Please keep in mind this is still being organized and discussed. We do know that the biggest factor in providing a winter team is funding. The use of indoor facilities for both practice and games is the prime driver and the cost for winter football is greater. If we move forward with a team we will need additional support in the logistics and scheduling so volunteers aren't just requested but will be required. We will also need to secure a coaching staff.

Below is the information I have received to date. I will update as new information comes in. 

The Mission

The mission of this league to create a fun, team first opportunity for athlete’s to continue playing football after their regular season is done.  Team are to take a learning first approach when working with kids and in games.  The Seacoast United Youth Indoor Football League (SUYIFL) is designed to help coaches and players continue their development.  The SUYIFL will consist of a board of directors to make all decisions.  The board will consist of all Head Coaches and a member of the facility.  The league will cost $1750 per team with all funds going to facility cost and referee costs. 



The field will be played at an indoor turf facility. This surface is approximately 35 yards wide by 60 yards long. Each venue may vary slightly, as the league grows, and uses additional facilities.



  • No participant is allowed to be rostered on more than one team. 
  • Roster change can only occur with league official approval. 
  • Any team caught using a non rostered player will be fined $40.00 for each offense and will have all games player plays forfeited. 
  • In the event that a team does not have enough players to legally play the game (8 players are required) they will have to forfeit the game.
  • No chewing gum, tobacco, food, or candy on field at any time. 
  • A player with a bleeding injury must be substituted immediately



Full contact football gear, as required by the High School Federation. The official football used is a K-2 for 3rd/4th grade; TDJ is used for 5th/6th and TDY is used for 7th/8th. All players must wear an athletic supporter with cup, and a mouthpiece to be eligible to play. Foot gear: Sneakers, turf shoes, and rubber cleats are acceptable, but you should check out the corresponding facility, at which you’ll be playing, before making a determination.



  • 3rd/4th grade teams – no player may turn 11 years old prior to November 15 of the current indoor season.
  • 5th/6th grade teams – no player may turn 13 years old prior to November 15 of the current indoor season. 
  • 7th/8th grade teams – no player may turn 15  years old prior to November 15 of the current indoor season. 


All teams must submit rosters prior to the first game. Under the rules, players can play up, although Seacoast United Youth Indoor Football discourages this as children should be with other children their own ages.  Playing up will be at the discretion of the head coach.  If no team exists in the grade which the player is enrolled, players will be allowed to play up at the coach’s discretion. 




(** In the original email this may be reviewed by the board members after formation of the league)



Please note that the purpose and intention of the league rules are to allow for fair play and increase the athlete’s understanding of the game. All High School rules are in effect according to the National Federation rulebook with the following exceptions: The SUYIFL applies to indoor football as detailed in the following sections. Seacoast United Youth Indoor Football reserves the right to modify, add or remove rules as they deem fit for the improvement or safety of the League.


Starting of the Game 

  • Teams must have a minimum of 8 players available to start a game.  
  • Normal coin toss will be in effect with the receiving team obtaining the ball on their own 15 yard line. Ball is always spotted in the middle of the field regardless of where the tackle occurs after each play.



  • A maximum of five (5) coaches are permitted on the sidelines. 
  • Coaches must be identified on the team roster and no substitutes are allowed. 
  • No coaches are permitted on the field unless a timeout is called. 
  • One (1) coach is permitted on the field for 3rd/4th grade teams. 



  • The offensive team shall consist of eight (8) players on the field.
  • Three down line offensive players must be on the line of scrimmage within the “box” (free blocking zone and no more than 3 ft split) . These players are ineligible
  • In addition to the 3 linemen above, there must be a 4th eligible receiver on the line. This player can be split or tight.
  • All basic football rules apply to eligible receivers and covered ends. 
  • Only one player in motion pre-snap
  • There is no forward offensive motion prior to snap. 
  • All leagues use High School Federation Rules and accordingly the backfields are not subject to restriction concerning formation or motion other than the limitations imposed by H.S. Federation rules. 
  • All backs are eligible receivers. 



  • The defensive team shall consist of eight (8) players on the field. 
  • At the snap, defenders can only rush A gap and the outside shoulder of the guards. A maximum of 4 defenders can rush at the snap
  • DB and LB are allowed to cross the line of scrimmage after either the ball is handed off from the QB to a back or the QB runs outside of the “box” (outside foot of each guard).



  • If at the start of the second half, one team is ahead by more than 28 points, the losing team shall receive the ball to start the second half.  Team down will have the ball at the 25 yard line. 
  • If a team scores a touchdown that puts them ahead by more than 28 points, no extra point will be attempted.
  • If a team losing by more than 28 points after they score a TD and attempt a conversion, they will receive the ball back at the 25 yard line.
  • No defensive lineman on the winning team is allowed to shoot the gaps when the score is more than 28 points.



  • Two (2) twenty-25 minute halves of running time, with a three (3) minute break between halves. The final minute of each half is normal football rules where the clock will stop for out of bounds; incompletions etc.
  • Each team has two (2) time outs per half. Timeouts are 30 seconds each. 
  • Time-outs are essentially clock stoppages. After 30 seconds a whistle will blow and the clock will automatically start unless inside 1 minute. 
  • The clock will only stop for defensive penalties within final 1 minute of the half or game or if a player becomes injured at any point during the game. 
  • In the event that the clock is stopped due to an injury, the league may shorten the game to accommodate the facility. 



  • At the conclusion of all games, teams will shake hands and they must exit the field immediately to accommodate the facility’s scheduling. Coaches may address their teams in another section of the facility. 
  • Teams must be present fifteen (15) minutes prior to game. 
  • If a team elects to punt, the ball will be advanced 15 yards from the spot
  • All penalties are 5 yard with the exception of personal fouls, holding, block in the back, and pass interference.  These are 10 yard penalties.



  • A game will be declared a forfeit by the league if a team does not have at least 8 players ready to play at the field location at the scheduled time.
  • The league, at its discretion can leave the decision up to the opposing team as to whether they want to play a shortened game. 
  • The league, at its discretion can allow teams to “borrow” players from other teams
  • Borrowed players will only be allowed to play offensive and/or defensive line
  • Rescheduling any game must be agreed by opposing team and is subject to league approval with all costs to be paid by team who would otherwise forfeit. 
  • Any team that has not paid the league fee can, at the discretion of league officials, be required to forfeit any number of games. 
  • Teams that have not paid in full prior to the start of the season may, at the discretion of league officials, have season shortened, or may be replaced or removed from participating in the play-offs.



  • Four (4) downs are allowed to advance the ball ten (10) yards for first down, or to score.
  • Six (6) points are awarded for a touchdown. 
  • After a TD, the scoring team must elect to go for 1 (ball placed on the 3) or 2 (ball placed on the 5) 
  • There are currently no provisions for field goals in any of the indoor facilities. 
  • Passing rules follow High School Federation Rules, in which receiver must have one foot in bounds.



There will be two (2) referees assigned per game. The referee’s judgment is final. Penalty Structure 

  • Any player or coach can be removed from the game by a referee or League Official. 
  • Any ejection of a player, or coach, will result in review by the league with a mandatory, minimum one (1) game suspension, and can include forfeits and expulsion from the League, without refund. 
  • All disciplinary actions are at the discretion of Seacoast United Youth Indoor Football, without exception. 
  • Any PROTEST must be verbalized to the game referee at the time of the incident. 
  • The protest must then be filed with the league in writing within 24 hours of the game. 
  • A $100.00 filing fee must accompany the written protest. 
  • If the protest is determined to be a legitimate protest, the filing fee shall be returned. 
  • ALL appeals must be made in writing addressed to 

Seacoast United Youth Indoor Football League, via E-mail to xxxx@xxxx.com or xxxx@xxxx.com . 



- After scoring a touchdown and attempting a PAT, the scoring team may elect to “onside kick”. This will consist of a “4 th and 10” from the scoring team’s own 5 yard line. If successful, the team maintains the ball. If not successful, the defense takes over at the spot of the failed attempt.

- If a safety results from the play, the defense will be awarded 6 points and be allowed to attempt a conversion

-The onside kick option can only be chosen by a team losing in the 2nd half.



Playoff brackets will be determined by the number of teams in each division. It will be higher seed vs lower seed format. This is a single game elimination. The higher is the home team. Eliminated teams may play consolation games. In all divisions, the placement/seeding will be determined by overall record. If the records are the same, the second criteria will be the head to head record. If there is still a tie after the head-to-head games, the third criteria will be the team with the least points scored against it. We will not use points scored as a criteria for getting a playoff spot, as this will promote running-up scores, and that is a direct contradiction to what this league is about. If there is still a tie with respect to points scored against, the final criteria will, unfortunately, be the flip of a coin. At the discretion of Seacoast United Youth Indoor Football, some Divisions will break off into A/B brackets for the playoffs to assure more balanced games and on occasion out of scheduling necessity.