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Note that before and during the ISC Tournament, ISC Travel teams will be moved into their division for the tournament.
As a result, select your ISC Tournament division from the League Dropdown Box during that period.



Player Medical Release Form Player/Parent Conduct Agreement NYSWYSA Accident Medical Claim Form
The Medical Release form must be completed for each player and turned into the team's coach or manager in the beginning of each season. ISC requires its players, parents and coaches to agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. All players and parents/guardians must sign this document in order to participate. All coaches have agreed to abide, by accepting a team staff position with ISC. The Code of Conduct includes the ZERO Tolerance Policy. A report should be completed for every injury and kept on file for future reference should an insurance claim be submitted. Your child's coach will complete the ISC Accident Report for Coaches, within 24 hours, to document the accident or injury for club records.
The coach or manager is expected to have their players' medical release forms on hand and available at every practice throughout the season. Travel players, parents, coaches and all event spectators must abide by the RDYSL version of the Zero Tolerance policy. 
Click here to view RDYSL's version of this policy.
Your child's coach will have on hand and fill in Sections II & III of the NYSWYSA Medical Claim form.This form will be given to you, should a claim be required.
  Recreational players, parents, coaches and all event spectators must abide by the NYSWYSA version of the Zero Tolerance policy. 
Click here to view NYSWYSA's version of this policy.
All claims are handled through NYSWYSA. Each claim is handled individually based on the information provided. Any insurance questions should be addressed to NYSW.
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