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What is a GLL Ambassador?


A GLL Ambassador is a Middle School or High School student with lacrosse playing experience

that make themselves available for events and opportunities to share their lacrosse skills

with younger and less experienced players around Gwinnett County.



​Interested in becoming a GLL Ambassador? Fill out this online application and a GLL Board Member will follow up soon.




If you have any questions, contact Kurt Feldhaus at maphaus@gmail.com

​for more information.



Thanks to the following middle and high school students for giving their time, knowledge

and love of lacrosse to maintain and grow the opportunities for youth

lacrosse players in the Gwinnett Lacrosse League.


Current GLL Ambassadors



Kameron Achtenberg

Jacob Bonduris

Carolyn Braun

Leah Brown

Quincy Bryant

Kayla Burrows

Zoe Calendine

Mikey Canavan

Matthew Canavan

Megan Canavan

Trinity Cassidy

Madison Catoggio

Lily Clawson

Benjamin Cole

Itali David

Trey Davis

Harrison Ellington

Eli Evans

Seann Everett

Kiri Feldhaus

Ella Fornek

Sofie Garrett

Jordan Garrison

Ruth Ann George

Jackson Gurewitz

Andrew Heyward

Matthew Ingram

Katy Johnston

Camilla Krogh

Kiersten Lennig

Bryan McAusland

Aaron Miechiels

Matt Morgenroth

Bradley Muehlberger

Danielle Nigro 

Braedon Prieto

Génesis Puerto

Jackson Rhodes

Reed Riley

Taesun Ro

Ryder Rodgers

Mason Schmitt

Danielle Serbinski

Gavin Stewart

Aja Thomas

Connor Thomson

Lexi Tinker

Abigail Weed

Alayna Williamson



Past GLL Ambassadors (HS Graduation Year)

Courtney Burleigh 2019

Abrielle Bussenius 2018

Luke Chamlee 2020

Andrew Clements 2020

Caitlyn Costa 2020

Audrey Dutton 2020

Jade Edwards 2018

Sarah Fanczi 2019

Reagan Finley 2020

Emily Flynt 2020

Jessica Flynt 2018

Brigid Fornek 2019

Brianna Freeman 2018

Hannah Gray 2018

Sara Grieco 2019

Elijah Hudson 2020

Reilly Kay 2019

Lexi Kugelman 2020

Hannah Labella 2019

Sam Lester 2020

Lyndsey Lewis 2019

Michael Malone 2019

Haylen Mann 2020

Claire McKittrick 2020

Kaitlyn Morgenroth 2019

Anna Nieman 2018

Madison Park 2020

Zoe Parker 2019

Peyton Salo 2019

Noah Sexton 2020

Hailey Stone 2019

Hunter Swartz 2020

Rylee Swartz 2020

Madison Townsend 2020

Nondi Walters 2019

Victoria Wysocki-Christ 2019

Emily Zambrano 2020