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There are a number of changes to Boys Youth schedules this year.  Badgerland Lacrosse Association is using JEVIN scheduling software. JEVIN was used for initial scheduling only.  Therefore, DO NOT REFER TO JEVIN FOR ONGOING GAME DATES/LOCATIONS; IT WLL NOT REFLECT ANY MODIFICATIONS.

Once games are confirmed, they will be entered into the Verona Lacrosse Website.  Any changes will need to made manually by the team, and changes will need to be communicated to parents.


A few things to note:

  • The computerized modeling isn't perfect, but the BLA position that would normally schedule Boys Youth games is vacant.  If you are interested in assisting with scheduling next year, please contact BLA.
  • There are many more games scheduled this year than in past years, and some cancellations are expected.
  • All U8 and U10 games are initially scheduled for Saturdays.  All U12 and U14 games are primarily scheduled for Sundays.  Scheduling was completed this way due to a lack of officials on Saturdays, and U12 and U14 games typically utilize two officials.
  • U10, U12 and U14 were grouped into divisions of North and South for scheduling purposes.  U8 teams will play a format similar to a round robin due to a limited number of teams.
  • Teams will frequently be playing multiple games at a single site, referred to as a "neutral site".  All fields will have a HOST as well as HOME and AWAY teams.
  • Verona is always a HOST when games occur on Verona fields regardless of whether a Verona team is playing.
  • If Verona is a HOST, it will be both a HOST and a HOME team.  Alternatively, Verona could play at neutral sites where it could be a HOME or AWAY team.


HOST Responsibilities (NEW):  

  • Verona is always a HOST when games are played on our fields.
  • Provide a field that has correct lining/markings for the age group playing at the venue.
  • Provide goals
  • Provide a table and chair (if possible)
  • Provide cones (if possible)
  • Connor Field:  Raise flags at Connor field for first game.
  • Connor Field:  The announcers booth facility should be locked when Verona is NOT participating in a game.  However, if other teams want to use this equipment, a Verona representative will need to remain on site during that time.
  • Communication to all teams playing on that field about field conditions or conflicts, including notifications to BLA Boys Youth VP (vacant at this time) and Jeremy Sullivan, officials scheduler.  See details for communication prcess below.
  • Recommended:  If weather is questionable, consider as a courtesy notifying Jeremy Sullivan and the other teams the day before to let them know there could be last minute changes.  This is important as some teams will dirve 1+ hours to neutral sites.
  • Recommended:  Provide Field address ot other teams as not all addresses are readily available this year.

HOME TEAM Responsibilities (at HOST or NEUTRAL sites)

  • Contact the HOST team and confirm if the HOST is providing a table, chairs, and cones.  If not, the HOME team will need to bring those items.
  • Provide game day set-up (flip score board, penalty/game timers, balls, horns, score book/score sheets, etc.) and cones, table, and chairs if not provided by thet HOST.
    • HOME teams will need to take a game day box and cones (if needed) from the shed even if playing on a NEUTRAL site.
    • Make sure to pick up game balls following the game.
    • The home team must have a score book and/or score sheets that include both the HOME and AWAY team rosters.   
      • It is suggested to contact the AWAY team in advance to make sure they bring a roster.  If the AWAY team doesn't provide one, ask a coach from that team to complete one for you in advance of the game beginning.
  • Provide set-up for their game, as well as all game volunteers, including the Culture Keeper position. 
    • NOTE:  NO visual score will be kept for Boys U8 or Boys U10 games.
  • Clean up any trash on the HOST field following your game.
  • Recommended:  If weather is questionable and you are playing at a NEUTRAL site, consider contacting the HOST to confirm the status of the game in advance.
  • Recommended:  Confirm HOST field address and provide to parents.  Not all addresses are readily available this year.


AWAY TEAM Responsibilities (similar to past years):  

  • Provide a Culture Keeper volunteer.
  • Recommended:  If weather is questionable and you are playing at a neutral site, consider contacting the HOST to confirm the status of the game in advance.
  • Recommended:  Confirm HOST field address and provide to parents.  Not all addresses are readily available this year.



  • CONNOR FIELD:  Lance Lafler,  will review the weather implications for Connor Field and identify if cancellations are possible.  Once a determination is made, he will post on the VLC website, a scrolling message acrosse the top of the website regarding the status of Connor Field AND notify the Verona head coaches (or designated Team Representative) of the field closure or field change (if possible).  It is then the responsiblity of the Teams to proceed with the necessary communication process outlined below.
  • ALL OTHER FIELDS:  The head coach (or designated Team representative) will review the weather implications for the HOST Field and identify if cancellations are possible and/or if an alternative field can be used.  The Team will then proceed with the necessary communication process outlined below.
  • Remember, some teams are traveling 1+ hours to neutral site games, so advance communications on possible last-minute changes will be appreciated.



Less than 24 hours in advance:   Verona is responsible for notifying officials of the change.  

(1) Log into (does not need to be done if notifications to Jeremy Sullivan below are 24 hours in advance of the game).

     (A) To find the officials assigned to your games:  Click on Schedule, Click on Master Schedule, Filter based on your grade level, and date, Click Go.  This will bring up the applicable games.  Then click View Slots to find the officals assigned.  Write down their names.

     (B) On the top menu, clieck Lists.  Locate all officials assigned to your game, click on their name to pull up both phone and email contact information.  If officials show up for a game that has been canceled, the teams must still pay them for that first game of the day.

(2) When this is complete continue with the steps below.


More than 24 hours in advance

(1) Contact the Boys Umpire assignor, Jeremy Sullivan, 1-708-269-2700,  .  This should be the FIRST call and Jeremy will contact officials about the change. 

     (A) Note if there are alot of changes taking place, Jeremy Sullivan may request that you notify refs directly if it is less than 48 hours in advance.

(2) If HOSTING, notify all teams of the situation.  Click here for an email listing of other club contacts provided by BLA.  Or, click on the links above to go directly to the club website to access more information, including phone contact information.

(3) If not HOSTING, and your team is a HOME or AWAY team at a neutral site, notify the opposing team and the HOST of the situation.  

(4) Input the change into the Team schedule on the Verona Lacrosse Club website and notify parents accordingly.  NOTE:  If cancelling a game, do not DELETE (Red X), rather EDIT and CANCEL as this allows you to send notices to your team parents.




Rescheduling and New Games.  BLA will not schedule make-up games or any extra games.  Coaches can elect to add or make-up games on their own.  As a HOST, if you need to cancel, you are not mandated to reschedule.  Rather, coaches are responsible for all reschedules at their discretion.  To reschedule or to add a game, coordinate a potential date/time/location with the opposing team and then contact Jermey Sullivan to determine the avaiilability of officials.  If Jeremy can schedule available officials, he will confirm that game and add it to  The Team can then include that additional game on their Team schedule on the Verona Lacrosse Club website and notify parents according.  In NO case are teams to work directly with officials on game scheduling.  All games and related changes must be approved and scheduled through Jeremy Sullivan.



The link below provides some additional insight into how this is going to work. Season/Youth Schedule - 2018.pdf