Girls� hockey program in Rochester, New York, USA and the surrounding Monroe County region

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Debbie Bartosova


I was born in the Czech Republic, where I learned to play hockey together with my brother. Since I was 9, I played with boys and girls until I was 18. Then I mainly focused on the girls' team when I became a captain in Litvinov Women’s Hockey and helped the team win third place in the highest women’s hockey league in the Czech Republic. For the next 3 years, I got recruited to the best Czech Republic Women’s hockey league called: HC Slavia Praha and won 3 consecutive League Championships. I also played on the Czech Republic Women’s National Team since I was 14. In 2014, I was 16 years old and won a bronze medal in the Women’s World Championship U18 in Hungary and played in the Women’s U18 Championships in Buffalo, NY 2015 and St. Catharines, CA 2016. These championships got me some offers to play abroad.

After graduating high school, I decided to take a year break and went to play in Hockey Talent Academy in Ontario, Canada. This program helped me in many ways to develop my hockey skills and knowledge and showed me that hard work pays off. At the end of the season, I won the Best Defenseman Award. We played about 60-70 games a season, moreover played against NCAA D1 Maine and a couple of D3 Colleges and visited college campuses. During that season I got committed to Canton.

While playing on the Women’s National Team between semesters, I was focused on playing NCAA college hockey at Canton University as a freshman, 2018. I had the best time and experience of my life. In my sophomore year 2020, the Covid pandemic hit and due to personal and financial difficulties, I needed to pause my college education.

I graduated with an Associate degree in Veterinary Science Technology from SUNY Canton and re-located to Rochester, NY, where I started to work and a Veterinary Technician at Veterinary Urgent Care Hospital and coaching at Rochester Junior Americans 14U Boys Team for a season, where I discovered how much joy I found out in helping to develop players and showing the right path to becoming better payer on and off the ice.

My plans for the future are: finish my education and essentially go to Veterinary Medicine School to be a DVM but first and foremost, be around the sport I love and grew up in. Helping to develop players into their full potential, finding themselves and their roles in the team as I had to do, playing under different high-skilled coaches and on professional European, Canadian and American teams.