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9 YO Pitch from the Rubber

8 YO start season pitching from 40 feet using Safety Ball until midpoint of season then ALL pitchers pitch from rubber (actual date determined by League Coordinator)

  •          There must be 5 innings (15 outs) pitched by an 8 YO Pitcher & at least 1 inning per game

5 run rule each inning

3 stolen bases per inning

  •          Shortly before the before the end of the regular season - Teams will be able to steal home 1 time per inning (actual date determined by League Coordinator)

5 inning game (2 Hour Time Limit) – actually innings played will be determined by Umpire & Confirmed with Managers based on pace of game NO INNING WILL BEGIN AFTER 1:45 AFTER STAR OF GAME

All players play a minimum 1 fully inning (3 consecutive outs) in infield

No Standings

Managers are responsible for keeping track of player pitch counts