Girls� hockey program in Rochester, New York, USA and the surrounding Monroe County region

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Season Plans

Our main focus is to develop every player and provide the best opportunity for them to play at the next level. Our goal will be to work closely with the girl’s as they further their endeavors in school selections and colleges of their interest. We will work closely with Kelly Katorji, Rush Hockey, to utilize his connections with college scouts to ensure our girls have the opportunity to fully understand the recruiting process.

We plan to schedule games either on a college campus or near to a college so as a team we will have the opportunity to receive tours of those schools.

We will focus our schedule on highly scouted Tournaments and Showcases. We will play elite competition amongst US and Canadian teams to allow for our players to be challenged with different styles of play. 



1. We will primarily run 1-1.5 hour practices that will equate to 80 minutes of on ice work. 

• Warm up: 4 minutes (6%) 

• Skill development: 20 minutes (25%)

• Systems: 30 minutes (37%) 

1. Regroups 

2. Defensive Zone Strategies 

3. Offensive Attacks 

4. Face offs 

5. Breakouts 

• Special Teams: 15 minutes (20%) 

• Scrimmage/conditioning/other: 10 minutes (12%) 


2. Coaches will preplan entire year in the summer months, including plans for each phase. Each phase has an emphasis. Inside the phase each month will have a theme that will align with the emphasis. For Example: Phase one has an emphasis on introduction and skill development. August may be the month of passing skills and breakouts. 


Off Ice Training

  1. We will have off-ice 1X a week with the focus on:
  • Strength training
  • Balance
  • Agility 
  • Speed
  • Conditioning


Video Review

  1. We may utilize video review to help teach systems and learn from past games. 


Season Structure

Phase 1 May-July

Loose structure. We will want to test all players in the month of May. Speed, Strength and Agility. During Phase 1 we will not worry about systems, attendance (except for Team Camp) or participation. 

Team meeting 

  • Individual testing 
  • Recommended Activities 
    • Skills session skates 
    • Off-ice training
    • Weight room training 
    • 3 on 3 Summer league 
    • Private Lessons 
    • Power skating
    • Summer tournament team
    • Summer camps: reminder, overnight camp should have a majority of staff made up from schools you are interested in. At the least, they should have current college coaches on ice with you every session. Overnight camps should also be used to develop friendships and to visit potential college campuses. Use your time and money wisely. 


Phase 2 Aug-October

Season roles out with once a week skates in August to keep momentum up from team camp. We need to hammer down commitments for the two tournaments in September and October. Stoney Creek will have the most coaches of any tournament we skate in. Systems are introduced in this phase along with lines. Special teams are introduced in September. Station work emphasized in practice. Individual skill development is focus with systems introduced. 

• Weekend Practices 

• Stoney Creek Tournament

• Two Nations Tournament 


Phase 3 Nov-Jan

We move into full gear. The focus on this phase is to continue to teach our systems and to test them against quality competition. We continue to stress detail and angle control. We slowly pull back on the amount of coaching done both in practice and in games and let the players start asking for guidance when needed. 

• Local Tournament November 

• Florida Rush Tournament: January 


Phase 4 February-April 

Speed. Practice and off ice become more focused on quickness and speed. Players should be at peak shape and confidence during this phase 

• State Tournament March 

• District Evaluations March  

• Nationals April