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The SHS Softball Program wants you to send them your softball-related questions! Whether you're a parent or a player that wants to know more about the game of softball, we encourage you to ask us coaches! Topics for questions may include, but are not limited to:
  • What are the most important aspects of hitting?
  • As a catcher, how do I improve blocking?
  • Can you explain [enter rule here]?
  • What size bat should my softball player use?
  • How do I hit to the opposite field?
  • What skills should I work on to improve as an outfielder?
  • As a first baseman, how do I work on scooping the ball?
  • …..And many more!
All questions will come directly to the SHS Varsity Softball Coaches and they will respond to your question via e-mail. Additionally, we may feature your question and our answer on the Sharon High School Softball and SYBSA social media platforms! 
Remember, there are no bad questions and we are all continuing to learn and grow our softball knowledge. Chances are if you have a question, others do as well! The Sharon High coaches look forward to receiving and responding to your inquiries throughout the year.
You can submit questions through our google form HERE
Eagle Pride!
Heather Poliferno
Varsity Softball Coach
Sharon High School