Dulles Little League, Ashburn Youth Baseball

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Dulles Little League 2021 Safety Guidelines – Return to Play

Purpose: Guidance for coaches and players participating in DLL for 2021. Adherence to the safety of DLL and its members.


  • Must conduct daily symptom assessments by coaches and players (self-evaluation). VDH self-evaluation link referenced on DLL website, temperature taken at home before leaving for the field.
  • Anyone experiencing posted symptoms, fever over 100.4 must stay home until at least 24-hour fever-free without aid of fever-reducing medications.
  • Any coach/player/umpire with a confirmed positive test is to notify Dulles Little League COVID Safety Manager
    • Dulles Little League COVID Safety Manager will work in conjunction with Loudoun County Health Department
  • Coaches must disinfect players benches before practice or game using spray provided by the league – Quaternary ammonium EPA Reg No. 11525-30
  • Coaches/players/Umpires are required to use a cloth face mask when unable to maintain social distancing.
  • Games/practices will be scheduled 30 minutes apart to limit traffic in and out of the fields.
  • Coaches /players /parents will be instructed to arrive no more than 10 minutes before the scheduled game or practice to limit gathering and maintain social distancing.
  • Coaches /players/ parents will be instructed to depart from the field immediately after completion of game or practice to limit gathering and maintain social distancing.
  • For each practice session, it is recommended that coaches divide players into groups and establish rotating shifts when possible.
  • All participants and spectators must adhere to ten-foot physical distancing while at the facility/field.
  • Bleachers are off-limits to players and spectators.
  • Coaches will assign each player a number 1 through 12 (or a spot), labeled on the fence perimeter of the field.
    •  This is where individual player and family is to sit for the duration of practice and/or game.
  • Adherence to 10-foot social distancing practices includes in and around bleachers for anyone not in the same family.
  • Families encouraged to bring their own chairs under designated number on the outside perimeter of the field.
  • League will provide hand sanitizer in each dugout; players encouraged to sanitize hands before entering the field.
  • Hand sanitizing, in the absence of soap and water, is strongly recommended for athletes. Individual hand sanitizer recommended.
  • NO shared equipment: baseball bat, gloves, batting gloves, helmets, or catchers gear
    • Players bags are to be placed on the outside perimeter of the field, under a designated number.
  • NO shared team drinking stations or water coolers, each player must bring their own water bottle/jug.
  • NO seeds, gum, or food allowed.
  • NO players allowed at the plate for pregame coaches’ introduction.
  • NO touch rule – players should refrain from high fives, handshake lines, and other physical contact with teammates, opposing players, coaches, umpires, and fans.
  • A ‘tip of the cap’ can be used following the game in place of the handshake line.
  • NO postgame ‘play’ or gathering allowed.


  • Each team will supply their own baseballs from a clean bucket from the dugout while their team is on the field.
  • Coaches are to separate used games balls, remove them from play.
  • Coach to lightly spray used baseballs with provided cleaner Quaternary ammonium EPA Reg No. 11525-30
  • Balls can be put back into play after 10 minutes.



On Sidelines




Spectators (max 250)







Encouraged but no masks required

Masks required & 10 ft of distancing

Masks when closer than 10 feet

Masks when 10 feet of distance cannot be maintained

Preferred, required when within 10 ft of a person

Masks required when spectators cannot be 10 feet apart* Bleachers Closed