Coral Springs Flag Football


2021 Season FAQs

Q1. Will there be policies in place during the pandemic?

Yes. COVID-19 Guidelines and Policy will be in effect. Click Here for more details.

Q2. What are the age restrictions?

The divisions are setup as follows:

Freshmen - Ages 6-8  |  Juniors - Ages 9-11  |  Seniors - Ages 12-15

Age cutoff date is March 1st

Q3. How many people are allowed to be with the players?

We will allow two people (parents) to attend games, practices and evaluations. No spectator will be allowed on the field at any time.  Only coaches, BOD, and other pre-designated people will be allowed to be on the field for evaluations.

Q4. What time is my player's evaluation?

The evaluations will be held on February 27th and March 6th.  They will be split up by division.  9am-10am Freshmen  |  10am-11am Juniors  |  11am-12pm Seniors  |  12pm-1pm Late/Overflow slot

Q5. What if I am late to the evaluation?

If you arrive outside of your time slot, you will be moved to the 12pm-1pm evaluation slot.

Q6. What if I cannot make evaluations?

If you cannot make the evaluation on February 27th, you must be able to attend the March 6th eval.  If you cannot make either then you cannot participate.  We have a very aggressive schedule that coincides with the City of Coral Springs timelines.  We WILL NOT be able to accomodate evaluations outside the two desginated dates.

Q7. What am I to expect during the evaluations?

Evaluations will consist of a speed test, route running, throwing and catching.  It should only take a few minutes for each player to complete these drills.

Q8. Does my player need to have played flag-football before?

No experience is necessary.  The evaluations will tell us a players level.

Q9. Where do I go for evaluations and practice/games?

Evals will be held at Turtle Run Field (CLICK HERE).  Practices and games will be held at Mullins Park Fields M1-3 (CLICK HERE).  You must remain in your car and/or off of the sideline if you are outside of your deginated time slot for any event.  An administrator or coach will inform you as to when you can come onto the field.

Q10. Can I register AT the Evaluation?

No.  Your player(s) must be registered prior to walking onto the field for evaluations.  We will not have any devices available for you to use to register your player(s).  However, all mobile devices that have access to a browser can visit to register.  You can pay your fee during the registration process using any major credit card.  We will accept ONLY checks at evaluations.  Please make sure your players name is clearly written in the memo of the check. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.

More Information

Player practice times will be up to the individual coaches per team.  We will follow the 4.5 hours of TOTAL field time each week rule.  Each game will be considered 90 minutes of that total time.

Game schedules have been tentatively sset.  This schedule IS NOT final yet as teams, coaches and rosters have not been decided. 

The Coaches registration will open on Monday, March 1st.  Please have a picture ID ready to upload into the system for your background screening.  Mobile devices will work.

Phone Support

As mentioned previously, it is very difficult to keep up with phone calls.  Please refer to the website for all necessary information.  If you call, you may not get a response for quite some time.  If you need further information or answer, please email .  We try to respond within 24-hours.

Please visit the website at  99% of the questions that have come in have been already answered on the site.  It is here for a reason...use it!