Promoting the sport of Lacrosse by providing youth coed lacrosse programs and activities in the Verona Wisconsin area for grades 3 through high school.

Sponsored By:   SVA Plumb Financial
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 Download data collected from ONLINE FORMS

 Performed By 

 Committee Members or Board


 Must be granted access by Webmaster

 Tab Name

 "Admin, Members"


  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on Admin (top bar)
  3. Click on Members, then click on Registration Program.
  4. Locate the applicable program
    1. List will allow you to view registrations
    2. Download will allow you to download specific fields to  CSV file
  5. To Download, click on Download
    1. Click on Choose Report
    2. Select VLC_Registration_List
    3. Click Save & Download
    4. The information will download to a CSV file for viewing

NOTE:  You can create your own Report for your needs (please put your initials in the name)