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Stamford National American Little League (“SNALL”), a chartered affiliate of Little League Baseball, Inc., through the vehicle of baseball, provides youth with an opportunity to develop the qualities of citizenship, discipline and teamwork, while promoting physical fitness and well-being.  SNALL seeks to develop superior citizens by espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty.  Consistent with Little League Baseball’s own Code of Conduct, the Board of Directors of SNALL has promulgated the following Code of Conduct.  This Code of Conduct is applicable during all SNALL activities, including, but not limited to, games, practices, and events. 


The guiding principle behind it is that the behavior of everyone involved, including board members, managers, coaches, volunteers, players, parents and spectators, should not in any way detract from the mission and goals of the league or otherwise interfere with children’s ability to enjoy the sport or SNALL’s ability to administer its program consistent with its stated values and Constitution (see SNALL Constitution, Article III, Sections 4 and 5).  In that spirit,


Coaches should:

  • Set a good example for players and spectators to follow, exemplifying the highest moral and ethical behavior.
  • Respect the judgment of umpires.
  • Abide by the rules of play.
  • Treat umpires, coaches, players, volunteers, league officials, and spectators with respect.
  • Instruct players in sportsmanship and demand that they display good sportsmanship.
  • Coach in a positive manner.


Players should:

  • Treat their parents, manager, coaches, teammates, opponents, umpires, volunteers, league officials, and spectators with respect.
  • Respect the judgment of umpires.
  • Abide by the rules of play.
  • Display good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Play and practice the game in a positive manner.


Parents and Spectators should:

  • Remember that the players are children and are playing for their own enjoyment, not anyone else’s.
  • Respect decisions made by umpires, league officials, managers and coaches.
  • Support teams in a positive manner and refrain from shouting instructions or criticism to players, coaches or umpires.
  • Praise the children for competing fairly and trying hard.
  • Refrain from making derogatory comments or gestures to players, coaches, umpires, league officials, volunteers, or other spectators.


No board member, manager, coach, player or spectator shall, at any time:

  • Lay a hand upon, push, shove, strike, or threaten to strike an official.
  • Be guilty of heaping personal verbal or physical abuse upon any official for any real or imaginary belief of a wrong decision or judgment.
  • Be guilty of an objectionable demonstration of dissent at an official’s decision by throwing of gloves, helmets, hats, bats, balls, or any other forceful unsportsman-like action.
  • Be guilty of using unnecessarily rough tactics in the play of a game against the body of an opposing player.
  • Be guilty of a physical attack upon any board member, official manager, coach, player or spectator.
  • Be guilty of the use of profane, obscene or vulgar language in any manner at any time.
  • Be in possession of alcohol in any parking lot, field, or common area.
  • Appear on the field of play, stands, or anywhere on the Little League complex while in an intoxicated state. Intoxicated will be defined as an odor or behavior issue.
  • Be guilty of gambling upon any play or outcome of any game with anyone at any time.
  • Smoke while in the stands, on the playing field, or in any dugout.
  • Be guilty of publicly discussing with spectators in a derogatory or abusive manner any play, decision or a personal opinion on any players during the game.
  • As a manager or coach, be guilty of mingling with or fraternizing with spectators during the course of the game.
  • Speak disrespectfully to any manager, coach, official or representative of the league.
  • Be guilty of tampering or manipulating any league rosters, schedules, draft positions or selections, official score books, rankings, financial records or procedures.
  • Challenge an umpire’s authority. The umpires shall have the authority and discretion during a game to penalize the offender according to the infraction up to and including expulsion from the game.


SNALL requests that all participants observe the “24 Hour Rule” by agreeing to a 24 hour delay in raising any disputes with managers, coaches, league officials and umpires (other than those appeals required to be brought to the umpires’ attention prior to the end of the game).


Violation of any portion of this Stamford National American Little League Code of Conduct will carry, at a minimum, the following consequences:


First Offense:              Verbal warning

Second Offense:          Dismissal from the game and referral to the Board of Directors

Third Offense:             Dismissal from the next game and referral to the Board of Directors

Fourth Offense:           Dismissal from the team and referral to the Board of Directors

Multiple violations (more than one) during a season may be referred to the Board of Directors. 


Managers, coaches, players, parents, and spectators are bound by the League Code of Conduct.  Any violation of such Code is subject to suspension and/or termination of membership.  The Board of Directors may review cases as applicable, and may delegate the review and determination of such cases to a committee, including but not limited to the Executive Committee.  The review and determination shall occur as soon as possible after the violation occurs. The President(s) and Vice President(s) are granted the authority to suspend any manager, coach, player, parent, or spectator on a temporary basis until such review and determination occurs.


There is no refund or recourse for dismissal from SNALL as a consequence of violating this Code of Conduct.