Upper Dublin, PA Lacrosse Club

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Welcome to the Upper Dublin Lacrosse Club!  Boys in grades 1-8, residing in (or sons of parents residing in) the Upper Dublin School District are eligible to participate in CCLC.  To register your son for the CCLC spring season, please fill out the entire form found in the Spring Registration tab. Note that the first step of the registration asks for the Guardian's information and subsequent screens request the Player's information.  All fields are required. Payment methods include credit cards through our EasyMerchant online gateway. 


The costs are listed below.  Please contact CCLC or your school counselor if you need financial assistance or transportation.  We will help remove any hurdles to get your son playing this great sport!!!

Grades 1-2: $145 (Intramural Jersey included, boys can use any personal shorts)

Grades 3-4: $195 (Intramural Jersey included, boys can use any personal shorts) Those players in grades 3-4 that are playing on the “C” team for the first time will also be issued a new CCLC travel uniform jersey and short combo.

Grades 5-8: $195 (Re-use last year's uniforms which will be distributed in the Spring.  New players or those wanting a new uniform must purchase a uniform.  Details in Registration). 

All Grades: All players must have a valid US Lacrosse membership number that will not expire before June 30, 2020.  Payment for US Lacrosse membership will no longer be to the club but to US Lacrosse directly.

Typical Schedules

Grades 1-2: There is one 1.5 hour practice per week (historically, on Mondays @6PM) and one intramural game on Saturday mornings @9AM on a smaller field.

Grades 3-4: There are two 1.5 hour practices per week and one intramural game on Saturday mornings @10:30AM on a smaller field.  Additionally, most boys will play on a UDLC travel squad (either C1 for more advanced players or C2 for less-advanced players).  Those squads will often play once per week on a full field against neighboring clubs.

Grades 5-8: These players will be on B or A teams and will have two 1.5 hour practices per week and one game on Saturday or Sunday.  Additionally, they will play in one or two tournaments.

Uniform Policy

The cost of uniforms for INTRAMURAL players in grades 1-4 is included in the regsitration fee and the boys are welcome to keep their uniforms at the conclusion of the season.

The cost of the unforms for TRAVEL players in grades 3-8 (playing in A-C leagues for SEPYLA) is also included in the registration fees.  However, these uniforms must be returned at the conclusion of the season.  Coaches will collect uniforms at the last game.  Families not returning their uniforms will have their CCLC accounts charged $35 for pinnies and $35 for shorts which must be paid before the next year's registration.  Please return uniforms!

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Residency Eligibility & Waivers

UDLC is for residents of Upper Dublin Township.  If your son does not reside in Upper Dublin Township, it may be necessary for you to apply for a waiver from SEPYLA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Youth Lacrosse Association).  Apply for a waiver according to these instructions. If you sign up before then and are not granted a waiver, CCLC will refund your money. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.