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Draft League FAQ's



Q: I don’t know if I should register for the Upper or Lower Division. What should I do?

A: First, make an educated guess and register for either division. That will guarantee you a spot in the league. Put a comment in that you are unsure of which division you should play in,

and then attend one of the eval skates. We’ll have league representatives at those skates who can provide guidance about which division would be the best fit, and we can adjust your

registration if necessary.


Q: I want to play in multiple leagues, what do I do?

A: Register for one league, then email info@mahockeyleague.com with information on any additional leagues you’d like to join. You will receive a $50 discount in each additional league!


Q: What if I want to play with a friend?

A: There is a field in the registration for a ride share or teammate request. Enter your friend’s name there, and we will do our best to accommodate that request in the draft. Keep in mind

these are not guaranteed, but for two-person requests we are almost always able to place players on the same team. Three-person (or larger) requests are strongly discouraged, as they

are extremely difficult to accommodate with the draft.


Q: I have a full or partial team -- Can we join the Draft League?

A: Full or partial team entries are not permitted in the GBHL Draft League. All of your players are welcome to register, but would have to do so as individuals, and would likely be drafted

onto separate teams. To enter a full team, please look into one of our other leagues. If you are unsure of which league to join, reach out to info@mahockeyleague.com.


Q: What if I don't have a car?

A: The easiest way to solve this is to find a friend who also wants to play, and sign up as a ride share, as described above. If that’s not an option, add a comment when you sign up that

you need a ride and from where. The league will evaluate if we can match you with people who can pick you up.


Eval Skate & Draft

Q: What exactly is the eval skate?

A: The evaluation skate is just a pickup skate with new and returning players in the league. Captains either participate in the skate or watch from the sidelines, so they can come up

with their draft rankings before selecting their team. This is our primary way of ranking new players for the draft, while returning players can be ranked based on past stats.


Q: Do I have to attend the eval skate?

A: If you are a new player you are strongly encouraged to attend the skate. It is generally the only opportunity for captains to see new players before the draft. Returning players are

welcome as well, provided we have enough space. New players will typically get priority, as we want a chance to see them on the ice before the draft.


Q: I’m a captain, how do I pick my team?

A: Captains are provided historical stats for each player if available, and should attend the eval skate to make their own judgments on new players joining the league. Additionally,

league veterans are always around to help on draft night.


Q: What is the draft party?

A: To start each season, we invite all registered players to join the captains and league admin while we select the teams. Typically the draft party is held at a local bar, so players can

hang‚Äč out and get to know each other, and see friends from previous seasons. It’s a great way to socialize and meet your fellow players. Details for each season’s draft party will be

available on the website, and will be sent to all registered players prior to the event.


Q: Player X isn’t on my team, how do I get him?

A: Trades are possible prior to the first game of the season. Once the season starts, team rosters are locked unless there is a majority parity concern. Keep in mind that team rosters

change every season with the draft, so even if you don’t get that player this time, you can try again next season.


Season & Gameplay

Q: My team is short, can I use a spare?

A: Spares are only provided for goaltenders and long term injured players, coordinated through the league officials. Single-game subs are generally not permitted for skaters.


Q: The season has already started, but my friend wants to join. Can we add him to our team?

A: Maybe. Adding players after the draft is always tricky, but in the past we’ve been able to make it work. Several factors are taken into account, such as roster size, standings, the skill

level of the incoming player, and various team needs. It’s possible that adding your friend will require an additional move to keep teams balanced, and that isn’t something we take lightly.

Talk to your captain and have him reach out to the league admin, and we’ll see what we can do. If we can’t make it work, he can always register for next season.


Q: That first-place team is stacked. What happened to parity?

A: The goal of the draft is to give each team a chance to compete every night. The league reserves the right to make parity-based roster moves if necessary to balance the teams. This is

extremely rare, but it is an option if there is a significant imbalance among the teams. In general though, there’s always next season. Thanks to the draft, you’ll have a new team with new

teammates and a new shot at the championship.