Premier youth lacrosse club in santa monica and los angeles, offering training and teams for beginners, as well as recreational and advanced players.


Dragons HS Elite: This is the most advanced level of our program and is specifically geared towards high school players. HS Elite competes at the toughest tournaments in the highest divisions and is supported by a comprehensive recruiting program. Training is a very important part of our high school experience so we typically offer 2 practices a week in season. HS Elite runs in the Fall, Winter and Summer. Our HS Elite teams are invite-only. 






Thank you for your patience as we put together the logistics of our 2017/18 Elite program. We had intended to get specifics out sooner, but we are in the process of building for both the short- and long-term. Our goal is and always has been, to provide the best training, team environment and recruiting support possible. 


To that end, we’ve made some very significant alliances with Long Island Sting and Lacrosse Masters. Alliances that will help our sons in the months and years ahead. All those took a lot of time and effort in the past months, which hindered our ability to get information about the upcoming season out in a timely fashion. 


Our success in the summer was built in large part on the fact that we trained a lot and came together as a team. We didn’t want to enter the Fall/Winter as just another tryout-based All-Star team. So the ability to provide sufficient practices, while giving our participating school programs the necessary breathing room to run Fall Ball, combined with the inherent lack of field space at this time of year, made it difficult to put together a consistent practice schedule. But other programs only just held try-outs last week and haven’t started either.



Dragons HS Elite Seasonal Outline


Big Picture: We would like to reiterate that Dragons HS Elite is a year-around effort. Our seasons for 2017/18 are:


  • Fall Ball - October & November
  • Winter - December & January
  • Summer - June & July

Dragons teams have strong bonds and an intimate, family setting. We reinforce that through high-quality core programming. But we also know that everyone has their own recruiting schedule to follow, so we want Dragons to have a “just right” footprint to leave room for the individual recruiting activities.


Team Structure & Philosophy: We like to keep teams together. Especially when the chemistry is as good as it is now. Our teams are able to play at higher levels because of how comfortable the boys are with each other. In 2017/18 we will be fielding 2 HS Elite teams:


  • HS Elite 2018/19 - Returning players from the 2017 summer season plus new additions.
  • HS Elite 2020/21 - Returning players from 2021 (8 Blue), core Dragons from 2020 and new additions.

Tryouts: New players wishing to join the team will need to attend the first two practices  to be evaluated by our coaching staff. For more information on the tryout process please contact


Coaching Staff: We believe we have one of the best coaching staffs in the state and if you played Denver with us, you saw how many coaches pitched into our Elite effort. Coaches will support each other at games when schedules don’t conflict.


  • HS Elite 2018/19 - Kevin Donovan (Lehigh/McGill) & Will Manning (Colgate/Whittier)
  • HS Elite 2020/21 - Erik Krum (Salisbury / MLL) & Riley Lasda (Albany/Penn State)
  • Specialty D coach - Hank Williams (Notre Dame)
  • Goalie coach - Wade Winebrenner (SCAD)